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[Profile] Reset Taste Profile / History

Please allow for a reset option, so you can start all over again with a clean sheet.


For now, you have to start over with an entirely new account to do just that. And for that you need to contact Customer Support. Not very convenient.

Updated on 2020-02-26

Hey folks,

We appreciate you coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement.
If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


I posted here weeks ago complaining about this with Discover Weekly. My playlist was completely taken over by New Age music after a few nights of listening to rain to cure insomnia. Weeks later, after playing hours and hours of only things I like it is still completely new age **bleep**. This apparently does not get better at all.

@rapidi this did *eventually* get resolved for me - for a few weeks I hit 'dislike' on every track on the Discover Weekly playlist with seemingly no effect - but then checked back a week or two ago and - miracle of miracles! - it had gone back to a good selection of music again.

Good to know!! I’m headed to the dislike button right now. Songs albums and artists. It’s going to be a disliking massacre!

It is horrible for Spotify to ignore 35 pages of folks who want this.  Truly thoughtless and callous. It may be a reason for me to move to another service.  For others who may want to, there are apps that let you transfer your Spotify playlists to those services so you won’t lose your collections.  It’s obvious that Spotify will never stop this since there have been complaints and suggestion for YEARS about this.  Spotify obviously doesn’t care about their listeners.


My Discover Weekly is currently ruined because I added some playlists to provide background music for my D&D games. I am aware of Private Sessions - this doesn't help once the damage is done. Please reconsider this basic function, otherwise I will have to look at cancelling my Family Account and switching to another service.

I don't think Spotify understands how PAINFUL it is to get non-English songs suggested to you every 3 songs when English is the only language you SPEAK. I have already closed my account and made a new one. At the very least give us an option to select our preferred language for songs because I'm honestly about to leave Spotify for literally anything that wont play me a French song.


Could we have this now, or what? Disliking the songs doesn't seem to do *anything* for the algorithm and this has reached a peak in frustration for a lot of users. So please.


I made the mistake of using Spotify for my ambient noise at night for a few weeks and now that’s all that is recommended to me - all of my daily mix’s and my discover weekly are just ambient sounds and sleep music 

I really wish there was a way to clear my algorithm and start over without having to get an entirely new account - I have over 100 playlists that I’ve built over the last 7+ years, I’d rather not scrap those 




This completely destroyed my Spotify recommendations. So as many of you say, I listen to hours and hours of “my music” and +- 10min / day for wake up. That must mean that the ONLY thing I want to hear is calm piano 24-7. #SpotifyLogic


But on a serious note; Spotify doesn't want you to “erase” you “history” since their algorithm is built on it, and with that their ads and sales.


So once again, the algorithm dictates your life.. 😕

It’s rather bizarre that Spotify’s business model is built on generating a useless recommendation system that I’ve stopped listening to. I discover no new music with Discovery Weekly and only a few good recommendations in my Release Radar, which keeps me from listening to it, too. It seems that an algorithm good for business would cause a person to listen more, not less. And I have never heard an answer explaining why this change can’t be made, just that it won’t be.