[Queue] Add complete Playlists to the Queue

It would be nice to have the ability of add a complete playlist to the current play queue. Also, I'd like to be able to randomly reproduce the songs added to the queue since currently they need to be reproduced immediately after they were added to the queue. For example, I have two playlists, I start playing the first one and then go to the second and add it to the queue. This way I would be playing two playlists at the same time which would be awesome!

Updated on 2019-06-24

Hey folks, 


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


We just wanted to update this to say it's possible to add all tracks from a playlist to your queue on Desktop. To do so, just head to your playlist > select all tracks using 'Ctrl/Cmd + A' > right click and select 'Add to Queue'. 


There aren't currently plans to implement this on Mobile,  but if anything changes we'll update you here. 




Casual Listener

Can't be hard to do. Would love this. Every release Friday I add to queue new releases I want to listen to. And then I want to queue my whole release radar playlist to cover any other new releases that I may be interested in but were not featured on the new release page.


I'd love to see the ablity to add Playlists/Albums to the current queue. In my opinion, the only way for spotify to win this "war" is to have the best client. Every competitor has music. So, the best client wins the prize ;)


The client should be all about managing your music and change it accoring to your mood. When in my current playlist an artist comes up, and I think "hm, long time no hear..." then I should have the ability to browse to the artist and queue one or more albums (or playlists) and after that continue where I left.


The technology to do this is basically implemented. Right now, I do this manually by marking all tracks in the list I want to queue and click on "Add to queue". The implementation effort should be minimal with a huge usability impact.


this feature needs to be reconsidered. it seems like a simple enough feature to implement, all you'd need to do is switch the playlist, letting the current track complete, and resuming with the content of the new playlist.


Hi all,

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but as far as I know, it is possible to add a whole playlist to your play queue. This feature is on the iOS app, so maybe people are having problems with the desktop version?Capture.PNG

is not about adding a whole playlist to the queue, but to add several
playlist to it

It's not about that necessarily either. I want to right click on a playlist and say "start this playlist next" and it will transition to that playlist with the 12 second fade. Not adding the songs to the playlist. I want the playlist to be on shuffle. I can't do that on app or desktop. 

Music Fan

Yes, as the image posted above, it is possible with the mobile version of the app. It is still not possible with the desktop version.


Spotify has some serious catching up to do with Apple Music when it comes to queueing. Play Next, Play Later, being able to queue playlists... they do it so simply and people here have been asking for these improvements for a long time!! Get on it, Spotify or you'll lose the music fans!


Or at least EXPLAIN why you refuse to acknowledge the requests... why does this dysfunctional way of queueing make sense to you?


I've been an avid Google Play Music user for years and am seriously considering moving to Spotify, but this is a real limitation that Google already does.


You should be able to add anything to a queue--it's very common that I want to mix a few playlists together for a single listening session. I don't want to have playlists of playlists in the event that I may want to remix them in the future.


Yes! That is the point!


How's this idea evolving? it would be really great to be able to add to the queue a number of playlist and just let spotify run wild. I use spotify at work and to be able to just open spotify and let it do it's thing would be amazing!