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[Queue] Queue to Next or Last

Present two options on rightclick, Queue Last and Queue Next. Very easy to implement, and useful. 


The way I been using spotty lately is to keep adding to Play Queue, it has gotten really long and sometimes I want to listen to something right now, then I have to add to queue and then move the songs all the way up to the top.


Mediamonkey have had this implemented since long ago. Mediamonkey is btw the best musicorganizer I've ever owned or tried. 

Updated on 2023-03-28

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Thanks for this submission. We had a slight hiccup with moving ideas to different boards, but it's all good now.


We're setting the status of this one as "not right now", but that doesn't mean that your votes don't count.




Does adding a simple feature "add to next" or "add to last" too hard?


Why can't Spotify add a simple feature like "add to next" or "add to last"? Why Apple Music can do it while Spotify can't? It's really annoying where you already setup you're playlist then you want to add more songs or an album to the last part of the current playlist/queue but not an available option in Spotify.


Come on spotify. You have access to all the tools. The best music library, streaming apis, yet you choose to be so lazy with the basic stuff. So annoying.


2024 and still can't do this?


Spotify presents new artists and releases all the time in my feed....which I regularly give a listen.....Not having the option to queue last, just breaks the listening flow and wrecks my LISTENING EXPERIENCE.


Please add this essential option!


12 Years later and the queue system is still rubbish. What a cra_p company spotify are, focussing on ripping off artists rather than making a good product


End of February 2024, it would STILL be great to have 2 options to chose from, for a track / an album / a playlist (hereafter referred to "object") :

> Add next = playing right after the current track = object goes at the top of the list

> Add to queue = playing after the last track of the current list = object goes at the bottom of the list


And, of course, the ability to rearrange tracks in the queue.


It would be soooo great to have this simple UX...


Yeah I'm moving to apple music. They seriously don't care about their user base. I know 3 more friends of mine who also moved to different platforms because they don't have a play next, but I stuck around just because I liked the rest of the ui. Not anymore.


11 Years after all these comments and still no Play Next button.



NEEEEEEEDDD!!! Ive been wanting this ever since ive had the app! Ive been a user for a while and its always something that has bugged me!


Deezer has its own UX issues, but their queue management system is so much better than Spotify's. I came back to Spotify Premium after using Deezer Premium for a year and they have 2 little features which would make a huge difference in the Spotify UX if available:

- a distinction between Add to queue (added to the end of the queue) and Play next (top of the queue)
- a way to select multiple tracks in a queue to delete them or move them

Let's say I find an album. I listen to its first tracks and like it, so I want to listen to the rest of the album. Meanwhile, I am browsing through new releases and my library to put other albums in the queue:
- If I add the current album to the queue, it will repeat the songs I already heard. If I don't, it will play the other albums first, then the rest of the tracks from the current album as 'playing next'
- If I change my mind about which album to play next, or decide I don't feel like listening to one of the albums in the queue, I have to manually move/delete every single track, which is a pain in the ***.

It seems like Spotify is less interested in letting us play the music we want than in pushing the music their algorithm wants. Hopefully you turn the boat around and make it easier for users to be in control of what we play.


lol going on 12 years and it's not possible to implement 'queue next'... what a joke