[Queue] Shuffle queue

you should be able to shuffle the queue. 

the queue is completely useless to me without shuffle. I never use it. 

seems like it would be easy to implement. 

Updated on 2018-10-10

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

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Updated on 2018-10-10

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Shuffle, random, etc. It doesn't matter what you call it. When I create a playlist that I want to shuffle, I want Spotify to play the songs in a random order. It does not. Ever. If I tell a playlist to shuffle, it plays the song in the exact same order. If I sort by song name, that does randomize my list by nature but if I go and shuffle that playlist and then go back to do it again tomorrow - the songs will play in the exact same order. I am not aware of any other media-playing software that lacks such a critical feature. I've read forum posts and ideas about how to order the songs in a playlist. The answers all miss the point. Randomize the list of songs all you want, spotify will play them in a particular order each and every time you ask it to "Shuffle" them. 




This is a much much wanted bug-fix. Sometimes you just want to listen to this, and this, and a bit of that today, and you want it shuffled.

But when playing from the Queue, the shuffle button does nothing.

Something clearly isn't working. Either this is a shuffle bug, and the shuffle should work, or it's a UI bug, and the shuffle option should appear as "disabled", but then that would just be a much much wanted feature.


For now, the work around is to:

  1. Create a new playlist
  2. For each song/album that you want to play, right click it and, instead of clicking "add to queue", find the playlist you've created and add the song to that playlist.
  3. Play the playlist and use the shuffle function as much as you want.
  4. Do not forget to delete your playlist after you're done, or you'll end up with a lot of disposeable playlists on your library.

Quite the lenghty workaround for what could be solved by the press of a button.


A short insight on how that could be implemented:

Use two data structures for the queue, one shuffled and one un-shuffled.
When shuffle is turned on:
	if playing from queue:
		create shuffled_queue (empty)
		add all songs after current song into shuffled_queue
		shuffle shuffled_queue
		start playing from shuffled-queue
		proceed as usual

When shuffle is turned off:
	if playing from queue:
		find current song in queue
		start playing from queue at that position
		discard shuffled_queue
		proceed as usual

When adding songs to the queue:
	if shuffle is off:
		add songs to the end of queue
	if shuffle is on:
		add songs to the end of queue
		add songs to shuffled_queue
		shuffle shuffled_queue again

To be honest, this is just part of a much bigger set of quality-of-life improvements and bug-fixes regarding the Queue that should be brought to Spotify. I'll just mention a few that quickly crossed my mind:

  1. You cannot add Playlist to the Queue - you cannot queue up several short playlists
  2. You cannot add Artists to the Queue -  same as above
  3. You cannot shuffle your queue - this is a killer. I just want to shuffle a few different albums every day, man.
  4. Trying to re-order songs on a big queue is very slow and unresponsive.

Every single offline music player has this. Now that you are a respectable online music player, you shouldn't allow yourself to stay behind on QoL features like that.


This is something that I had in Rhapsody/Napster that I really liked.  Just threw a bunch of playlists in the queue, then shuffled.  Spotify will shuffle within the first playlist, then move to the next playlist and shuffle those.  Well, that stinks b/c most of my playlists are by artist.  How hard can this change be in the code?  Just expand the shuffle based on the entire queue.  BTW - Hempenaz(sp) had a great post about this...

Nevermind that we can't shuffle between playlists, the shuffle inside a
single playlist doesn't even work right. Take a look, if you shuffle a
playlist, close spotify and then come back to it later, the shuffle will
play the songs in the exact same order they were played before. Some users
have mentioned that you can play with the sorting of the play list to get
around this, but that is actually not true. Regardless of how you sort your
songs in the playlist, the shuffle playlist feature will play the songs in
the same order each and every time.

I would simply like the songs to play in a completely random order each and
every time. How hard could it be?

Update - so I made a new playlist, consisting of 4 other playlists, all based on artist.  Total of 113 songs by 4 different artists, so an average of 28 songs (give or take some from each list).  I clicked on a song and clicked on the shuffle icon.  It followed the same pattern - it would shuffle through the songs of one of the artists, then through the next artist, as if the new playlist was aware that the songs were from 4 other playlists.  I then resorted the list by song name, but the same pattern was followed.  I stopped the program, restarted, and began the play function again.  The pattern continued, UNTIL I clicked on the Next icon for about 30 clicks.  Finally, a little bit of shuffling did occur.  I do understand that true shuffling of 113 songs by 4 artists will result in the same artist being played somewhat repeatedly, but not 10 songs in a row.  That's a 10% focus on one playlist, which isn't a great representation of randomness.

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The problem is, that spotify has a special concept with the separation of "queue" and "next to play".

I was never sure why they implemented both, maybe because its optimized for mobilephone use... On PC its lot easier to arrange complex playlists by mouse. But on the other hand, its not logical, that the queue is not shuffle-able.. Its just not smart... I'd rather live without the combination of "queue" and "next to play" but have a better play-management (where to put the selected tracks into the playlist.)

Best for me would be:

- You can select in options what happens when you click on a song. (play now/play at next/play at last)

- You can "right click" on a song and select if you wanna play now/play at next/play at last)

- Perhaps it's also not clear what should happen if you click "play next" for more than one songs after another. But it's also an important question ;). Will the last song be first, Or the first? Is it possible to put another song behind at all etc....

But now its actually not perfect ;)