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Remove "smart shuffle" entirely.

Even while hating it from the introduction and never purposely selecting it I continue to find my playlist on "smart shuffle" ... If I want to listen to songs not on my playlist I would. I have found smart shuffle settings to be not saved because I keep turning it OFF on the same playlist. This will cause me to cancel my 7+ years of premium if it's not fixed. 


I'm voting on this but they will probably not add it because it gives Spotify more money... That is how things are these days



Just because the overall enshittification trend is strong doesn't mean we can't point out it sucks and is bad business overall for long-term profitability.





I’m getting ready to make a subscription decision because of this.  I don’t want to be forced to listen to a model that picks music for me. I want to listen to my liked songs only and on shuffle.  When I want to find new music, I should be able to toggle it to do so, not forced.  Giving it a short term and then will cancel and move on to another service provider.  Not allowing users to export song lists doesn’t make Spotify sticky enough for me to stay. Seems like a simple feature but assuming that Spotify is monetarily motivated to not allow this feature.  


I agree.  Smart Shuffle was never asked for; thus, the perfect reason to implement it. 


They can just make an option to toggle it off in settings so it doesn't intrude in the UX.


Smart shuffle was a terrible idea they need to fix it before they start losing users