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Remove (video) podcasts from family member accounts

Main reason to pay for a Spotify family account: get control over what your child can listen to. Currently there is a lot of content available through the podcasts in Spotify that I would like to block. But this is not possible. Please provide an option to disable video potcasts (or better all podcasts) from family member accounts. This should have been a no brainer, and a lot of people totally don't get it why this is not an option for paying customers.

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Updated on 2023-09-18

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100% agree. This is not a new issue. There are many comments from prior years. Can you please allow parents to LIMIT what their kids are seeing. Searching on my kids history is so sad. No need to ban books. Simply allow parents the option to keep the guardrails up until the kids are ready. The all-in-one NO explicit content button is useless for a teenager. My kid found Sims 4 **bleep**. Maddening. I'm sure that the innocent stuff, too. Ugh.


I completely agree. I have been trying in vain for weeks to find a way to delete these podcast videos from my children accounts. I paid for a family subscription so that my children could listen to music, not so that they could watch videos without any control ! So I will have to turn to your concurents until you suggest a solution...


Spotify fails to understand that inappropriate content is not just lyrics.  With the proliferation of video content all over Spotify, the amount of content I don't want want my child seeing far outweighs any concerns I have about inappropriate lyrics.


Yes, this needs to be possible. 


There is another idea suggestion thread that already has a good standing rating. Maybe try voting on that one too.


I caught my daughter watching videos on Spotify that were compilations of violent and explicit videos ripped from TikTok. She had been watching it secretly on headphones while pretending to play video games on her PC for hours. She didn’t search for it. She didn’t know what it was. I’m going to move our family to a music app that only has music because I’m not a big fan of my kids being recommended compilations of violent beatings when I thought I was giving them access to Taylor Swift and The Beatles.  It is bad enough you recommend it and can’t keep metadata on what is explicit, but there also is no way in the UI to flag the content as inappropriate or say you don’t want to see things like it. 


Please implement a filter. My kid was 9 years old when we first noticed she was being shown suicidal and erotic content on Spotify, out of nowhere. Mostly tiktok compilations (after all the trouble of avoiding tiktok…). We had no idea videos were available. This is incredibly irresponsible.