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Removing items from Recently Played history

I would also like it if we had the option to remove our recently played history because sometimes I would listen to someone's playlist, an artist, or one of my own playlists by accident and I don't really listen to the playlist or artist anymore or I already have a song by that artist and it doesn't make sense to keep it in my library or recently played history.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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Considering the competition from multiple other subscription music services nowadays, are you freaking mad, Spotify?


I have a family subscription, and Spotify is connected to Google Home.  So, sometimes the kids' or my wife's requests get onto my Spotify account messing up my recommendations.  I used to go through and clear out their stuff regularly, but hadn't done it for a while.  My total confusion ("am I going crazy?") on being unable to find the option was only surpassed by my complete bewilderment on discovering that this staple, uncontroversial, innocuous feature had been removed to the chagrin of many.  I mean, wth?


This bewilderment was then replaced by disgust at the fact that this has been requested for years, was finally delivered to your patient users, only to be REMOVED again resulting in hundreds of comments here and elsewhere and thousands of votes to fix it.  This was made even worse by Mario's reply over a year ago to the effect of "thanks for the awesome feature suggestion despite the fact that it was us who removed it! Because you all worked so hard voting for it I'm going to handball it to the product team who might just ignore it but hey, there is a chance!".


Spotify is great awesome in so many respects, but you guys make some really off product decisions at times and have been known to randomly remove perfectly good features; this one is next-level mindboggling.  Do you have a rogue product manager trying to deliberately p1ss off loyal paying customers?  Are you not paying them enough?  Did you give them Spotify vouchers instead of a bonus last year?


Seriously, I'm very close to just using Youtube music or Amazon (I already pay for both).  You've gotta stop showing this kind of contempt for your users.


It has been a year and beyond since this was brought up. A feature to clear history is fundamental to any streaming app. The suggestion has fallen into ears of lazy development "team." Maybe hire someone who can actually add this option tonight and can do the coding. It would be faster.


Sure you can press anything when you fall asleep to asmr podcasts and get surprised in the morning and wonder where these episodes appearing on the Home page came from.


Let people edit their history/recently played. I would consider this feature essential to any good music player. We need it. We want it. Get it done please.


This is in development for years and still no change?!? What's taking so long. Heck, they've added a "view lyric" function but still haven't done a necessary one like this?


I'm convinced some of these things stick to the Home screen because they are paying Spotify to do so.

There are songs and artists I listened to for a couple minutes, many months ago, that are still on my home screen every time I log in. No option to clear or reset, or pick new ones. There's no logical reason why they are still there, except money.

Spotify is only interested in money and they have a poor user interface that's designed by **bleep**.


This would be a very helpful feature!


Please please bring back the feature to delete recently played. I’m tired of the curated suggestions that I do not wish to have because of one playlist that was recently played. BRING IT BACK !!!


Bring back the ability to delete recently played songs or playlists. Not sure why it was ever removed. Plenty of people check out things and don't want to be constantly reminded of them if they don't like it. Whether on purpose or accident, users should be allowed to remove things they don't want suggested to them.


I am so tired of having someone randomly play some music on my devices and then getting bombarded with absolute trash suggestions.


Spotify needs to allow you to selectively remove songs from recently played and also have them removed from any sort of recommendation signalling. It's a pain and just makes me want to either get rid of Spotify or delete my account and start over again.


hello? is this thing on???


3 years for a simple feature rollback??