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Rewind Audiobooks without using up listening hours

Spotify has been counting my rewinds towards my total listening time. If I need to relisten to a section of my book from being distracted then I lose listening time.

My book is 23 hours long, I used up my 15 hour allowance and still had 10 hours left in my book and thought that was weird but purchased the 10 hour top up anyway only to be cut off with 30 minutes of my book remaining.

I am a mom to a newborn so there are  times where I will be listening to my book and my baby may get fussy and I miss something and need to rewind. This is so frustrating.

The wasted $14 for a top up will now go to audible until this is fixed. Spotify really shouldn’t bar what we have already put listening hours towards


Rewind Time

I agree with another spotify user.  I am listening to a non fiction book with some tricky concepts.

The paperback would have been £6.99 I have paid an additional £9.99 for the audio.  I am only part way through the book and have used up all of the listening time as I have gine back a number of times.  Had I purchased a paperback I could rewind/reread at my leisure.

Whilst I understand I do not own the audio I feel the rewind option should be allowed until you reach the end of the book or at least be given a rewind allowance say 20%?  This is something I did not realise when i purchased the extra hours.  It would be great to see some change in this respect otherwise I feel I may be going back to paper back or looking for an alternative platform altogether.  I love spotify and would hate to leave but Find the extra audio hours expensive.


Great idea - from fair use perspective re-listening or rewinding chapters of the book should not count against listening time. 

In my case I quite often listen to books going to sleep, and if I forget to set the sleep timer ( as  I did just today), I cannot then fit 12 hour book in my 15 hours of listening, leaving me with tantalising wait for the next month hours refresh 🙂