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SPOTIFY FX - play dj & live remix your soundtrack

Status: Live Idea

DJ for 20+ years here. I'd love to see an audio effects option.  Audio Filters: think photo filters but for audio.  Everyone wants to be the DJ, SpotifyFX let's them have their slice and eat it.


I want a side panel I can choose between Echo, Reverb, Stutter, ReLoop, Live EQ, (downloadable Filter options), that when activated, beat-match live effects of the original track.  Turn on or tap for effect.  Tap option allows to tap the length of the effect or long press will continue the effect. 


Could go a step further with a TIME knob which would create an Effects parameter. (Changing how long it takes for an echo to echo)


Easy marketing too:

"SPOTIFYFX: Stutter, echo, reverb, pitch, reloop,... and collaborate with your favorite artists." 


"𝙷̶𝙴̶𝙰̶𝚁̶ BE your music"


Giving the listeners hands on control of their music could open a new generation of creativity and artists.  So, just putting this out into the universe!


Mark - IAMJRDN / Sebworth