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[Search] Search by BPM (Beats per Minute)

Hi All,

As someone who loves punishing my body by going for long runs,  a good playlist to keep me company is essential!


Picking out and discovering which 'choons' are going to speed me up and push me further can be tricky.

One trick used by many runners is to search out and find songs which all have a similar number of beats per minute so they can place them in order and then use the beat of the song to run to.


As such, it would be awesome to be able to search Spotify for songs which have specific ranges of BPM and then pick the cool [subjective] ones for inclusion in your playlists.




Updated on 2018-08-23

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


While we don't have plans for Search by BPM right now, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea.

We'll continue to check out the feedback here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.





Brilliant idea, you'll get a kudo from me because I really want this feature to happen someday. However, in reality this would be hard, since BPM isn't specified in the content delivery (many stories doesn't have this functionality), and thus it would make it nearly impossible to do it.


A option would be that someone creates a spotify app that hooks up with the EchoNest API and returns songs with the BPM.


There is an app for this, its called moodagent and it interfaces nicely with spotify!



I support the idea wholheartedly! But I suppose it's impossible without building an index of tracks.


The moodagent doesen't really seem to use beats per minute to sort tracks by tempo. I testet it on a playlist made by a health club to be constantly 150-160 bpm, and moodagent  showed them ranging in tempo almost from top to bottom of it's scale.




I'd love this. I guess iTunes has a feature like this. It would sure be nice to be able to sort by BPM in my existing playlists and music collection to figure out what would be good for a running playlist.


This would be amazing. I currently have to use multiple apps and my computer to make decent playlists. I would recommend this to anyone who runs if they had this feature. 


Or even just list the BPM's, as  a virtual DJ i use spotify for some one my mixes and mashups and having theBPM's is HUGE.  Thanks


Hi There, 


Why not provide an option to make play lists based on Beats per minute?

Would come in very handy in the gym!






And/or key? That would be cool be make playlists that match both key and BPM!


There is up to some app developers createes an app that hooks up music by BPM through EchoNest but it's nothing that could be added to Spotify as there is no BPM specs in the content metadata.


Not yet included in content metadata, but why not add an extra column? The whole music databse could be scanned on BPM by a relatively simple piece of software. Time consuming, yes, but business wise probably worthwhile.