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Simple "Yes" or "No" to "recommended songs"

Simple "Yes" or "No" to "recommended songs" please.  I have playlists that I like to grow using the "recommended songs" feature.  Yet I keep getting the same recommended songs over and over and over again when I "refresh" or come back to the list.  There is only a + to add the song to the list and no way to tell the AI that I don't like or want this song.  Please make it an easy "Yes" + or "No" - to add the song or never have it recommended again.  Thank You.  


Yes, I'm tired to see always the same recommendations or those short songs of 1 or 2 minutes.

But additionally would be good a second button when you press "no", something like "tell us why", where you can tell the algorithm the reason of your dislike: genre, artist, repeated song, length, etc.


Supporting this also, I would like yes/no to stop the repetition of recommended songs.


Please yes, I've been trying to find more songs but I end up trapped in this small box when the recommendation playlist only shows me the same exact 10 songs over and over again. I loved the enhanced feature where it added songs based on random songs on a playlist and recommended more similar songs after adding a recommended song. It was much easier to refresh those ideas than the way the smart shuffle is now and the recommended songs feature. I want to listen to more music but it's difficult when you cant filter out your likes/ dislikes properly.