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[Smart TV] Screensaver on Smart-TV

Hi there!

It would be nice if there was a screensaver available in your app. This seems to be easy improvement and it's been asked multiple times over the years. It appears that community is ignored by the Spotify team despite all the money you make on your users. It's a problem for me not only because of screen burn out on the TV but also pictures on the screen are unneccessary distraction especially for kids while I just would like to listen to the music.

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


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Please do this! I just spent a lot of money on a new TV, it's great to have spotify on there, but like OP I'm really scared of screen burn-in, and I'd rather not have a huge Play screen in the background, especially with my kids in the room. 


Yes. Please make this happen. 


WE NEED THIS! Spotify will burn the image of the play / pause and time HUD on an OLED TV... unless you turn the screen off. I find the screen great to have on because I like looking at album art and all the lyrics / info you guys put up. This needs high vis. Its been posted like 6 times already.


Luckily the LG TV that I buy have in the picture menu the option to turn off the screen while I still play music 


I wanna be able to fall asleep to Spotify on my TV but the light from the TV is distracting me from doing so, as well as the unnecessary burn-in issue.


This is a REAL concern for your users.  I have started to pull back on my use of the Spotify app because I am worried about screen burn-in, due to the fact that the app stays present on my screen the whole time Spotify is playing, instead of letting a screen SAVER do its job.  Very disappointing....


I don't know why, but during my holidays abroad, soptify app on my shied started by itself, which turned on the TV (Panasonic Plasma). It stayed for about 10 days on with the spotify main screen.

Results : screen totaly burned 😞


@djoole  Do you have a photo of the burn-in? Be interesting to see. Also, the TV has NO screensaver for non-moving detection? My old Samsung plasma does.


The Spotify app could use a true screensaver but it does shift colors every few minutes.


@yenic I went away another week and let the TV on with the "scrollbar" on (a feature on the TV displaying a vertical white bar "sweeping" the black screen), and thankfully most of the burn-in disappeared.

This feature saved me several times, but this time there is residual burn-in that will never go away..

Here is a picture (hard to take those so that is seeable) :

Thankfully the marks are not visible (well i can't see them) during videos playbacks.


I'll try to look for a screensaver option in the Pana menus but I don't think it has this feature.


@djooleyup I can see it in your screenshot. Wow, I just wanted to see it. I've always heard people say this and I've never had an issue all these years, playing PC games etc on it. Sorry to hear this and I would be very annoyed too! At least it's not bad enough to actively bother you.. can use the TV till it dies.


My old Samsung PN50B650 has some sort of timeout when it detects no screen movement. It'll go black as a screensaver and it also has a pixel shifting feature for when part of the screen is moving but another is not. It has that white screen feature to clear artifacts, and it's never not worked in the past, but I've never had something on the screen for a week.


I'm surprised the Nvidia Shield doesn't have a timeout screensaver as well. I know my Amazon Cube does.


I almost bought a Panasonic back in the day! Good TVs.