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[Smart TV] Screensaver on Smart-TV

Hi there!

It would be nice if there was a screensaver available in your app. This seems to be easy improvement and it's been asked multiple times over the years. It appears that community is ignored by the Spotify team despite all the money you make on your users. It's a problem for me not only because of screen burn out on the TV but also pictures on the screen are unneccessary distraction especially for kids while I just would like to listen to the music.

Updated on 2021-06-13

Hey everyone,


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The Shield has a screensaver but Spotify app prevents it from kicking in 😞

My pana also have a pixel shifting feature which was on “auto”, I guess
auto means disabled...
I’ve set it to enable now, but a bit too late.

This is a real issue.  I use spotify on my UBP-X700 bluray player, which feeds into my Sony OLED.  Specifically, the spotify emblem on the top left starts to burn in to the screen if I use it on my TV too much.


Yeah my LG OLED tv has a bad burn-in square that is fully 1:1 with the album art from the Spotify Chromecast app.


I have the same problem with the Spotify Smart-TV App. I don't want to turn off the screen because then I will lose the great amblight feature of my TV and Spotify will cause a screen burn-in on my TV.


Hi Spotify, any update on implementing a screensaver into your app? Perhaps you could include this option for Premium subscribers. I would definitely switch to premium if you added cool swirly graphics that change with the beat, similar to Windows media player visulaizations  🙂


Definitly should have a Screen Saver. Most importantly, with a "display off" option!


I'm wondering why this case was closed and the community had to open a new one?!


that would have been around 350 kudos right now... !


Wholly cow. For such a wonderful app, this is inconsiderate to users. I’m switching from a plasma to an oled tomorrow, maybe I won’t use Spotify premium on the new tv with my shield anymore? I doubt Apple Music or amazon pr1m3 music have this problem. At the very least, PREVENT Spotify from disabling the built in screensaver. This shouldn’t need kudos in order to prevent hardware problems. 


FYI to AndroidTV users, if you hit the home button after Spotify is chugging along, the screensaver functions as expected. 


Yep @GypsyMage that’s the current workaround, but not WAF at all (she constantly forgets to move to home screen after launching music from Spotify connect)


This would make my day.