[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2021-06-08

Hey everyone,

We know there has been a lot of demand for this capability and we're changing the status to "under consideration."

While we consider how to best integrate an in-app solution, users can reach out to our 
Customer Support team to permanently remove an account from their followers list.


Causing me a great deal of strife.  I do not want to be follwed.


I will definitely stop paying for this and find a new music provider, if this doesn't change.

I want privacy.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

I've been a happy paying customer for over three years now. Not being able to control who are following me and keeping me in control of my own privacy is making me consider switching to another company for the first time. I actually considered just shutting down the account at once when I noticed this, but I like Spotify so much that I'm willing to give them some time (I'm talking days - not weeks) to fix this issue. When it comes to companies that misuses my privacy in this way I have zero tolerance. It's just not acceptable. 


Please Spotify - fix this issue.

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You'll be lucky if it gets implemented in half a year...


(Althought the fact that it's under consideration is good)

Casual Listener

my ex-girlfriend is driving me bananas, she uses this to force me to see her. SPOTIFY IS MY SOCIAL NETWORK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME GET RID OF HER


Please make this happen. I want to remove a stalker from my followers.


This should NEVER need to get Kudos or whatnot, this is RIDICULOUS! 
FIX this, it's wrong!!!

I'm paying for my subcription and I HAVE A RIGHT to choose who sees my private things! It shouldn't be a question at all if a person has this right. A Spotify account owner doesn't have to be followed by anyone if he/she doesn't want to!

Also I suddenly noticed Spotify had started to post as me on Facebook again, tell everyone what I'm listening to although NO ONE cares if I'm listening to something for my work or school. If I wanna introduce them to some great music I've discovered, I will, WHEN I choose to. I was not notified that these post are going on to Facebook.


I've been using Spotify for 5 years at least, Spotify is an essential part of my profession as a musician, but this is the first time I feel like getting rid of my subscription right now! 

And I don't even have a stalker on my profile or anything, I just think this is totally and utterly disrespectful of Spotify as a company and I don't want to put up with disrespect!


Please make this happen. Someone I don't want in my life doesn't get it and even though I blocked the moron everywhere, he follows me on Spotify. The only place possible. I don't want that! I am paying for Spotify and I want to decide who's allowed to follow me!


what's happening about this case??? You should hurry up in this case, as turtleshouse said above me, we are paying for this, and there are a lot of sick people out there.... I have one follower i need to get rid of, but spotify won't allow me to do so.