[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2018-07-09

Hey folks.

We're changing this status to good idea.


We definitely think this is a strong idea, however it isn't in our current road map.
The teams behind our social features are aware that you're bringing your feedback here and we're working closely with them to bring forward all your comments and concerns.

If there are any updates on blocking Spotify followers we will let you know here first.

Thanks everyone!

Casual Listener

Amazed this hasn't been approved yet; rather **bleep** at Spotify for leaving open channels for potential abuse. A person should be able to block all unwelcome approaches. Good example, an unwelcome person sending messages to the victim regarding the current music they're listening to as a reminder that the victim is still being watched.  


Does anyone have enough capital or time to make this a legal issue? We've heard enough testimony from people whose stalkers use spotify to harass them. It's almost 2020. Every social media platform has the functionality- get it together.


Please put this into effect. I'm sick of getting random followers who know what I'm listening to at all times. And I don't want to prevent my friends from seeing what I'm listening to, so I'm stuck.

Please Spotify, this is like social media 101

Casual Listener

I think it is a Basic privacy feature. Someone can easily follow you and stalk your listening habits and playlists. And abuse you on other social media platforms. Please give this issue as much concern as it deserves. Seeing as this is the only platform I know of that doesn’t have a system in place to protect from stalkers. Even at the customer service end. They directed me to this post. As the only hope.


Hello? 2019? Does this even work?



Seriously Spotify? No block yet? wth!!!


Please make this a feature...I have a really shitty ex boyfriend who follows me and I've blocked him off literally every social media except Spotify for this reason.


Please can this be a thing


PLEASE add this option to Spotify.
Most of us users must have unwanted followers - both for the account itself and their playlists. the private session and the secret playlists are great options in general, but not if you want to block some specific users instead of hiding all of your content.
Indeed, the only solution is to add the basic possibility of blocking others, like in any other social media.
thank you.


Yes we should be able to block someone or make our accounts private. There is this one person who is bothering me and I can't even report him. Even though I have the option to report I can't click it.