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Alright listen up, you are meeting someone for the first time or carpooling or you met a friend of a friend and how do you get to know them best? Through their music taste. In fact, you really want to be jamming out with them but you just don’t know what songs they like and you really don’t want that awkward silence when you know a song and they’re like.........uh......... I don’t know the words. What’s the solution you ask? A friendship playlist. You would find your friend on spotify and there would be a button next to their name that says “friendship playlist” which would automatically create a collaborative playlist consisting of all the songs you have both put on your playlists, 100% guaranteed bangin’ time while you both sing along to the songs that you both know!

Updated on 2021-05-27

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and for bringing us your continual feedback. We also think this is a great idea and that there's an opportunity to make it happen, so we're looking into it further.


We'll post here when we have an update - Stay tuned!

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Updated on 2018-10-12

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AWESOME idea!!!! This would save us from all that awkwardness! 


This is a fantastic idea! This thread needs more voted! 

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Oh yes please! Would love to see this happen!


I had the same thought when I and my best friend who shares the same love and passion for Rock music during a meet up, even when we moved out and both of us are living in different region, I always wonder what are my close friends are listening to and what are their music updates, you know I'm just curious to know since most of my groupies are into rock genre and open to other genres. It's really convenient and cool to have this feature. 

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This is LIT! Best idea ever. Hope it'll gain more support.




This used to be available on the old version of Spotify and I wish they would bring it back.


This is such a good idea! I hope it happens.

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This is a pretty cool idea. This could also work as an office playlist.

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