[Social] Friendship Playlists

Alright listen up, you are meeting someone for the first time or carpooling or you met a friend of a friend and how do you get to know them best? Through their music taste. In fact, you really want to be jamming out with them but you just don’t know what songs they like and you really don’t want that awkward silence when you know a song and they’re like.........uh......... I don’t know the words. What’s the solution you ask? A friendship playlist. You would find your friend on spotify and there would be a button next to their name that says “friendship playlist” which would automatically create a collaborative playlist consisting of all the songs you have both put on your playlists, 100% guaranteed bangin’ time while you both sing along to the songs that you both know!

Updated on 2019-09-18

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As a heads up, Family Mix is available to users on the Family plan. It's a playlist that combines the music you and other members on your plan listen to. 


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Awesome idea! Great for drinks in the park, going out... without fighting over music.

Here's an idea of how I would use it.


Go to person's page


Select "Friendship Mix"


User is presented with some options like:

1. "Chill" (slower songs, good for chilling out, commuting together etc)

2. "Party" (for before going out or house parties or crazy drives)

3. "Favourites" (maybe, could utilise the most played on each person's Spotify Wrapped regardless of genre)

4. "Custom Mix" (Spotify presents each user's public playlists side-by-side, then the user selects which ones to merge together, does not include songs outside of these playlists).


Spotify auto-generates a non-collaborative playlist for the user (without notifying the other user)


Spotify presents the user creating the playlist with an option to notify the other user, which, if sent, notifies the other user that a Friendship Mix has been created. The other user can accept and the playlist turns in a collaborative one, and appears in both user's libraries so both users can manually add songs.


In the playlist itself, there could be an option to make the playlist "smart" so it updates every day so two users can have one autoupdating Friendship Mix til the end of time. This could be similar to what Spotify Family users have access to.



In settings, users should be given the option to turn off Friendship Mix OR have the option to ALWAYS be notified when a Friendship Mix is made.


I checked today to see if there is such a feature but it didn't exist. It can be even enough to be as a family mix with an adjustable friend list. It's a very nice idea to have.