[Social] Get notified when someone near you listens to the same song as you

When you listen to a song, wouldn't it be great to see how many people near you are listening to that same song. As example, when you are traveling by train and you listen to a song and you get a notification that one person in the train is also listening to that song. In this way by turning your location on you can become friends with people who have the same music taste.

Updated on 2018-09-21

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We're marking this idea as 'Not Right Now' for the time being, as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


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This could be an incredibly powerful feature. Even just knowing what those around you are listening to would be interesting, especially travelling to different countries for example. There are certainly some privacy issues here but location services could easily be turned off for those not wishing to use the feature. I am not sure about the ability to specifically identify people without them knowing it. Perhaps a simple thumbs up or similar function would work better initially or perhaps the ability to initiate a quick voice chat.


Would really prefer Spotify to stay away from becoming a social media. Maybe it's just me

Music Fan

This sounds really good but I think it should be same artist instead of song. I just feel that if the feature is only matching by song it will highly favor those listening to popular music. 

If I'm on the train listening to for example Liar by Korn I don't really care if anyone else is listening to the same song, I'm more intrested in knowing if someone on the train is listening to Korn. 


I would expand it to same artist or same genre or even same era. Not just the same song. Excellent idea tho. 


As has just been demonstrated by the company that just released all its social running data that has turned into a giant privacy disaster with people using it to determine the identities, routines and locations of soldiers and operatives of classified bases and Three Letter Agencies not to mention countless private individuals because they shared their running data so they could compete with each other virtually...


Having these kind of geolocation social network features are a privacy nightmare. And they generate vast amounts of enormously valuable private data that needs to be securely protected.


And if you fail to do so the new GDPR in Europe means that your company can get fined and sued out of existence.


So my recommendation to Spotify would be that instead of spending the millions needed to implement this securely. Focus on functionality that doesn't harvest huge amounts of toxic private data from your users so you are not sitting on a giant landmine that will destroy the company when you inevitably get hacked and it gets stolen/leaked.


And just a quick note to focus people’s minds, privacy is important in all kind of contexts, and you never know when you might need it. And once gone it next to impossible to get it back. This article demonstrates some of the problems associated with domestic abuse and digital privacy. https://slate.com/technology/2018/03/apps-cant-stop-exes-who-use-technology-for-stalking.html

The kind of information that can leak out with geolocation services is literally deadly for people trying to flee domestic abuse or stalkers. Because it can reveal where you live, who your friends/family/social support network are, where they live, where you work/shop/go to school/gym/etc, where you go jogging, and when, how you get to work, and when, those times you went to hospital/GP/clinic and which department/s and thus what medical conditions you have.... And if that information gets out and into the hands of a stalker or a criminal or an abusive partner you can never ever get it back. The best thing is to never generate that information in the first place.
And for those thinking 'it will never happen to you'... I hope you are right, but all the people it does happen to thought that too. And even if it doesn't happen to you, it's worth protecting those to whom it does happen.

This is not a worthwhile feature, we need more privacy [and by default] and less data collection. Particularly of such dangerous data as location.

And no, making it 'opt-in does not solve the problem. Because nobody can anticipate all the ways data can or will be used in the future, nobody thinks bad things like a stalker or abusive partner will happen to them, and almost nobody in the general public understands these issues well enough to give anything remotely resembling informed consent.

Casual Listener

Love this idea!! 


really good idea


Sounds like a creeper idea. That's not something I would want, for random strangers to be able to contact me and try to talk to me about what I am or was just listening to. Nope.


Would this feature only work with spotify followers or if you have your "my location" on?