[Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"

There ought to be a feature where I can click on a friend and listen in real time to whatever they're listening to, not just their playlist. If they change songs, my Spotify changes with them. 


With this feature, a person could remotely DJ if they wanted, or you could just know that you and a friend are hearing the same thing at the same time. 

Updated on 2019-12-02

Hi folks, while this isn't widely available yet we're going to keep this as is for now.

We'll be back when we have more information for you.

Music Fan

I had posted the same idea and I was redercted here!


only I could add that I had thought of a "Tune in" button along with "Follow". instead of "Listen with"  

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it
Casual Listener

A play, pause, stop and next/skip the songs that are appearing on your friends stream timeline.


Just jumping in with everyone else... I don't get why this feature was added and then removed. I want it back.


I'd love that feature for celebrating newyear's eve with friends scattered around the world. Despite the distance, parties could have lots in common.


In regards to those who suggested SoundDrop (which I previously used), it is no longer available, sadly. We, the Spotify Community, demand and request a feature to listen together as a family! Hoo ha, hoo ha!


We seriously need this feature. Me and my wife are in a long distance relationship, and we would LOVE the feature of being able to either:


A. Listen using the same account on 2 devices BUT the exact same songs are mirrored, or;

B. Add the ability to "tune in" to a friend and listen to the EXACT same songs TOGETHER.



Untill this feature is added, I won't be renewing my premium.


I need this so much. I even would pay premium. Please!


This is problably the best thing that could happen to Spotify!

Casual Listener

This idea was submitted in 2012!  Any thoughts Spotify?


This would be an amazing feature.  Please consider it.