[Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"

There ought to be a feature where I can click on a friend and listen in real time to whatever they're listening to, not just their playlist. If they change songs, my Spotify changes with them. 


With this feature, a person could remotely DJ if they wanted, or you could just know that you and a friend are hearing the same thing at the same time. 

Updated on 2019-12-02

Hi folks, while this isn't widely available yet we're going to keep this as is for now.

We'll be back when we have more information for you.


Just to add to it I think using it to do live streams with microphone audio would also be good, just like the good old shoutcast through winamp you could be a bedroom dj running your own station

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ralphlyons - I've moved your topic over here to have all feedback about a shared listening experience in one place.


Okay so i checked around and this is a duplicate of what other people have requested a few years ago ex:https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Real-Time-quot-Listen-With-quot-feature/idi-p/100613


Thing is up to now we have had Plug.dj to use for this feature, and a lot of people useing it but not enough people supporting their idea.

Now it's gone and i cant see how it would be to hard to add  it to the current Spotify application filling the gap that that plug.dj left behind.


rip plugins.


Would LOOOOVE this feature!!! Please include with next update!!!


I hope if there were to do this as it would be like the "rest in peace"  Grooveshark way of where the user  can vote for music to play next. 

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You can use an app Amp Me
It's great

I need this to be implemented!


I second this (along with most people I talk to about it). Surely there's a way around the licensing?


I'd also like to see like the last ten songs they listened to instead of real time as well.


This is cool, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this should be a thing.