[Social] Real Time "Listen with Friend(s)"

There ought to be a feature where I can click on a friend and listen in real time to whatever they're listening to, not just their playlist. If they change songs, my Spotify changes with them. 


With this feature, a person could remotely DJ if they wanted, or you could just know that you and a friend are hearing the same thing at the same time. 

Updated on 2019-12-02

Hi folks, while this isn't widely available yet we're going to keep this as is for now.

We'll be back when we have more information for you.


I really don't understand why this isn't already a thing? Especially on ps4 where it would probably get used the most. My kids are constantly trying to play music over a speaker really loud so everyone in they're party can listen. Why not just allow the shared audio? 


JQBX is a really good app that lets you "play & listen to music in sync with friends or public groups."


You can join existing public groups, queue djs, create private rooms and share with friends. There's an iOS app and an android app along with a desktop app (or you can just play using the web player). But you do need spotify premium. I've used it so many times in long car rides (it will stop working without internet though), parties, or just to discover new music. I wish more people knew about it so the public rooms would be more active. 


This feature would be very fun for my girlfriend in I who go to college on opposite sides of the country. I think the feature should have a setting where you can choose which profile has control or you can let both profiles add to the queue


This feature should at least be available in the Premium Duo subscription, after all its about listening together, right?

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This's cool!

I'm thinking on a toggle button called "Open Live Channel" and after I turn it on, my friends would listen what I listen.


I agree with you.

I've been wanting to do it, too.


Thank you for your post.


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I think this would be a great idea!!

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Any update on this @__spo__?

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It's been 6 years since the last mention of this, but wanted to put my vote in for this feature.


I have a text chat group with several friends who listen to Spotify Premium all day at work. We often chat about songs, bands and make recommendations to one another and then talk about and debate them as we listen.


Many times, we’ve said, “if only there were a way to listen to the songs together and be able to chat about them on Spotify”. With that in mind, recommend adding a feature that allows “group listen and chat”. For a social music platform, I believe this would enable a new level of social connection around music.


Here's how it could work. You see that a friend is listening to a song or a playlist, and you can click on a button that allows you to listen along with him “driving” the playlist. A chat window pops up and anyone listening in can communicate in a group chat (like Skype). Different permission settings could allow any of the listeners to control the playlist. 


Let's get this feature made!




I was going to suggest this!!!! I have a twin and we're constantly just sending each other songs we find or like we're jamming to songs from different locations. She was in Boston while I was in NY and we'd listen to the same song over the phone to hype up together. Now I'm in Spain and she's in NY and it's so inefficent to keep copying the link and sending it to her and vice versa. Listen with a Friend would be so fun!!! and it would out compete ALL other media services. Kind of like groups video calls but better. You can pregame with friends in another location, groups can pregrame with other groups, at the SAME time, from different places in the world or even have study sessions with a friend who wanted to stay home while you are at the library. This would be too cool.