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[Social] Rooms/Shared Listening Concept

Hello there!

I know this idea has been brought up before, but all those ideas were several years ago by now, and I couldn't find a recent discussion about this.

Imagine having "rooms" within Spotify, where you can listen together, simultaneously, to the same track with everybody else in the room, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter what device they're using. You can step up and join the DJ queue, and all DJs in the room play one track, one after another. The friend feed on the right side turns into a chatbox, and you can communicate and talk about music while listening to the same tracks. Think,,, ... but right inside Spotify!

Check out this Medium article by Austin Condiff I found today, detailing this concept (following mockup taken from that article). 


I've been hoping to have some social aspect like this within Spotify, and I think this would enrich the community even further. You could create rooms based on genres or moods, and enjoy music together with friends and strangers alike. An upvote/downvote function would keep rooms democratic and true to their respective themes. 

The mentioned article perfectly explains the concept and benefits of this feature, please check it out! 


Thanks and have a great day!

Updated on 2020-10-15

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.

We're setting this to 'not right now' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this.
In the meantime, we do however now have the option to join a remote Group Session with all your friends and enjoy the same tracks simultaneously no matter how many miles apart you might be.

For more information be sure to check out our Support site page.

If we have any more info to share on this, rest assured we'll check back in here.


I think it would be really helpful if a social page was created where users can share music with people who follow them. This would make it easier for users to discover new music and connect with other music lovers. It would be a more taste-specific approach for your friends to see what you are listening to.




I had this idea the other day when starting a group session. Instead of having to invite someone to a group, treat the newly started group like an Xbox party. In the feed that shows what folks are listening to, if a specific person started a group, they can make it joinable from the feed or from their profile. Then when someone hits join, it prompts the host to let them join as a dj or a listener. Dj of course allowing the joined user to queue songs. This takes away having to send a link via text or another route and allows it all to be done from the app. 

I saw there are similar ideas but treating group sessions almost like an Xbox party seems a bit different. 

Thanks for reading!



A close friends and me have a shared playlist to let each other hear our favorite music or songs that made us think of each other or that apply to each other or to our relationship. This is a really nice way of staying in touch with each other. 

Recently we were thinking that it would be nice if you could see when the other person is listening to the playlist. This would add to the shared experience even more. This could be easily done by a small green button if online or anything like that. 

Let me hear what you think 



fr i posted an almost exact concept  while ago not knowing this was an already going Idea, mine was jus join a Host Live listening to vibe together sort thing. like joining ur fav station/person 


This is a great idea. For Listening parties (Spotify group sessions) I use Google Hangouts (Now Google Chat), because I don't trust Discord. If it was all through Spotify, it would be better, or more convenient, at least.


We can see what someone is currently playing on their own playlist, but why can't we listen at the same time? So, essentially what we want is to be able to join the songs that a friend of ours is currently listening on their end.


Unfortunately, we could not find any function on current app. Please let us know if you´re working on this feature. If not, do you mind to consider?


it would be really cool if in future updates users could turn jams into a personal radio with multiple hosts or allow sharing a host with another user with seamless connection to any device or speaker because now it is broadcast from one host and is interrupted after switching devices such as phone to a desktop app or to headphones and speakers



I've been a Spotify user for years with the account **bleep**. I decided to create another account and test the Duo plan, aiming to try out the Jam feature. However, I found that the Jam feature is shallow and simple, only allowing guests to control the playlist. So, I thought of a function that Jam should have:

In summary, Jam should have a function similar to a radio or music room, where everyone who enters via invitation listens to what you want to play simultaneously on each device. John with his tablet, Mary with her iPhone, and Peter with his computer. And when Peter, the room owner, changes the music, it also changes for the others, so they all listen at the same time to what Peter has put on, a function for guests to listen on their own equipment simultaneously.

For example: your girlfriend is far away, and you want her to listen to the same music as you at the same time. Or you want to create a music room for your friends to listen to, each with their own equipment, what you are playing while gaming on your PC.

In conclusion, a radio, where I invite my premium friends, and they listen simultaneously and without delay to what I want them to hear, each with their own equipment

Sou usuário do Spotify há anos com a conta **bleep**. Decidi criar outra conta e testar o plano Duo, com o objetivo de testar a função Jam. No entanto, descobri que a função Jam é rasa e simples, limitando-se apenas a permitir que os convidados tenham controle sobre a playlist. Então, eu pensei numa função que o Jam deveria ter:

Em resumo, o Jam deveria ter uma função semelhante a uma espécie de rádio ou sala de música, onde todos os que entram a partir do convite ouvem o que você quer por, de forma simultânea em cada equipamento. João com o seu tablet, Maria com o seu iPhone e Pedro com o seu computador. E quando Pedro, o dono da sala, muda de música, muda também para os outros, e assim eles escutam ao mesmo tempo, o que Pedro colocou, uma função para os convidados ouvirem cada um no seu equipamento ao mesmo tempo.

Por exemplo: a sua namorada está longe e você quer que ela escute a mesma música que você ao mesmo tempo. Ou você quer criar uma sala de música para seus amigos ouvirem, cada um com o seu equipamento, o que você está a tocar enquanto joga no PC.

Concluindo, uma rádio, onde eu convido os meus amigos premium, e eles ouvem de forma simultânea e sem delay o que quero que ouçam, cada um com o seu equipamento.