[Social] Rooms/Shared Listening Concept

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I know this idea has been brought up before, but all those ideas were several years ago by now, and I couldn't find a recent discussion about this.

Imagine having "rooms" within Spotify, where you can listen together, simultaneously, to the same track with everybody else in the room, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter what device they're using. You can step up and join the DJ queue, and all DJs in the room play one track, one after another. The friend feed on the right side turns into a chatbox, and you can communicate and talk about music while listening to the same tracks. Think tuntable.fm, plug.dj, jqbx.fm, ... but right inside Spotify!

Check out this Medium article by Austin Condiff I found today, detailing this concept (following mockup taken from that article). 


I've been hoping to have some social aspect like this within Spotify, and I think this would enrich the community even further. You could create rooms based on genres or moods, and enjoy music together with friends and strangers alike. An upvote/downvote function would keep rooms democratic and true to their respective themes. 

The mentioned article perfectly explains the concept and benefits of this feature, please check it out! 


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Updated on 2018-09-16

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

Casual Listener

I had been thinking the same thing, allow premium members to join a room with a HOST/DJ and fellow room members can add songs to the queue or upvote queued songs for increased play prioty, 2 votes beats a queue. The host could be given a right to set number of songs his or her can play before a members track is played. Only the DJ or person who queued the song would be able to skip and Host can quick invite people.


To find a group session a room ID could be generated which is then shared via social media or personally. Ideally the room could have a name and an amount of time it will be active for say for 24 hours of inactvity. If the upvote system and DJ playcount was implamented it would be no issues with large groups. Being able to queue a song without displaying your name would be a nice feature but only one song at a time should be allowed. Maybe also controllable by the DJ/HOST. 

We use spotify all the time in groups and the most annoying thing is you can not switch control easily without stopping and making a big deal about it and it really kills the vibes when trying to enjoy a good music session.


I think it would increase the number of people who subscribe along with making spotify a more preferable platform to listen on at the same time. I see many have already liked this idea.


I've wanted this for a while now. It's high time Spotify made sharing rooms.


Or you could just reopen the API and let users recreate a sounddrop like feaure/addon.

In which participants of a room can add new songs (max 250) (if allowed by the admin) and upvote songs (pushing them up the queue). Users can listen in or just be active in the queuing process. The limit allows unpopular songs the be dropped from the queue, but the admin can also remove songs. A songs that has been played is dropped back to the bottom of the list.

Casual Listener

Great feature, I would like to use it!

Casual Listener

I would like to point out that Discord already has the ability to let people listen to what's playing in your spotify app.  Why isn't this available for other platforms?