[Social] Rooms/Shared Listening Concept

Hello there!

I know this idea has been brought up before, but all those ideas were several years ago by now, and I couldn't find a recent discussion about this.

Imagine having "rooms" within Spotify, where you can listen together, simultaneously, to the same track with everybody else in the room, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter what device they're using. You can step up and join the DJ queue, and all DJs in the room play one track, one after another. The friend feed on the right side turns into a chatbox, and you can communicate and talk about music while listening to the same tracks. Think tuntable.fm, plug.dj, jqbx.fm, ... but right inside Spotify!

Check out this Medium article by Austin Condiff I found today, detailing this concept (following mockup taken from that article). 


I've been hoping to have some social aspect like this within Spotify, and I think this would enrich the community even further. You could create rooms based on genres or moods, and enjoy music together with friends and strangers alike. An upvote/downvote function would keep rooms democratic and true to their respective themes. 

The mentioned article perfectly explains the concept and benefits of this feature, please check it out! 


Thanks and have a great day!

Updated on 2020-10-15

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.

We're setting this to 'not right now' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this.
In the meantime, we do however now have the option to join a remote Group Session with all your friends and enjoy the same tracks simultaneously no matter how many miles apart you might be.

For more information be sure to check out our Support site page.

If we have any more info to share on this, rest assured we'll check back in here.

Casual Listener
there is a beta room share feature now, look for the concept while playing music to generate the share link

But the room share is only for 5 people and everyone can manipulate the playback. That is not really what is wanted in the closed feature requests which are closed with a link to this.


What is asked for ist this feature but for severall hundreds of listeners and only one "dj" just like a radio station.


I had the same idea! (or similar at least)

It would be sort of like a chat room based on artists. So currently in Spotify there is [Artist] Radio, where you have one like [Artist] Channel and people with similar music taste could talk to each other, and make friends! Would be a really cool feature, and can definitely monetize it very very easily. Win win!