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[Social] Share 'Top artists and songs this month' on public profile.

I appreciate that Spotify cares about my privacy and doesn't divulge my listening behaviour without my consent. 

But, it would be fun if we could. 





Of course this information is private, and should be private by default. But I would love it if there was an option that allows me to show my monthly top artists and top tracks on my profile for everyone to see, or for just my friends to see. 


The current option:



Is fairly limited. It only shows the absolute recent artists. It doesn't show the monthly top listening charts, which would be way more fun.

I get that for some people this can be sensitive information. Especially podcast content. That's why this option should probably come with a clear warning about what making this information public. 

But other than that. It seems like a great way to share in music tastes, see what my friends like and start conversations about it. It would make Spotify a more social experience for those who chose to be more open about their music taste. 

Updated on 2021-10-20

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Agree with this 100%, this would be a great way to make Spotify more social and connected and to help you find more music for you  :))


Had the same thought in mind, this would be a nice option


Fully agree, I already use for my listening history, but to have our top tracks & artists public on our Spotify profiles would be great


Same. I'd love to show my top artists and songs so others could listen and appreciate them too. I already use lastfm but not many people use them so this would be cool to share that info directly on Spotify.

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Updated on 2021-06-08

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Updated on 2021-06-24

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Top artists used to be able to be public. Why was this made private?


Also top artists used to be in general, not just this month. Additionally, I listen to Spotify regularly and definitely have listened to more than one artist repeatedly, yet it's only showing me one top artist for the month and it's an artist I hardly listened to.


Something broke.


I believe Spotify did this deliberately to protect the user's privacy. Listening to certain songs can reveal private and deeply personal information. If this was published by default, people could be broadcasting this information without knowing.  


However, many people are also proud of what they're listening to and would love to share their taste with others. The more I can show on my profile, the better.  I suppose Spotify is planning to reintroduce this option back, it's just they aren't quite sure how to communicate to the user that their privacy is at stake. 


I would love pretty much any functionality where I could showcase my music taste to my followers and friends this way that isn't just which artist i immediately just listened to. Which isn't always representative of my actual taste pretty often when I am exploring music. As soon as I saw the update I wanted to be able to make it public.


Considering has been completely abandoned since it was purchased by CBS years and years ago and left on the vine to rot, Spotify's in a great position to scoop up the crown for the "music-based social networking" throne. Adding this functionality as an opt-in, with the ability to say filter out podcasts or something, is absolutely a no brainer.