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Song Radios Introducing Only New Music

When I start a radio for a song or artist, it's because I would like to find more music similar to that vibe or sound. I don't really want a playlist of music that I already listen to (I would just listen to my own playlists if I wanted that). Can the song radios be more focused on finding new songs?? I already listen to discover weekly, but the radios would be to discover specific sounds/genres. 


Completely agree.
I spend a lot of my listening time trying to expand my core playlist with new material, and this feature would help immensely.


I voted "Yes", but perhaps this should be a separate option. Sometimes quick playlist based on a song can be useful.


This is an amazing idea. Spotify is already great for finding new music, but a new means to search for new music would be good too.


YES! The new AI-based recommendation system is a positive feedback loop. If you listen to a song, it will recommend it in future playlists/radios, so you'll listen to it again, and it will keep recommending it. It makes it so difficult to find new music based on a specific sound or vibe because it keeps pulling up things you've already heard that are vaguely related to what you want.