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Step 1


Song rating system - This is to promote shuffling variation and engagement

This is a suggestion to be able to rate songs from 0-5.


5 = I absolutely love this song and will always listen to it, I'll never skip it, I could listen to it 10 times a day


4 = This song is pretty good. I don't mind listening to it a time or two each day


3 = I enjoy this song but once or twice a week is probably as much as I like it


2 = If I hear this song more than once a week I will certainly skip it


1 = I liked this song when I heard it but not sure if I'll willingly choose to listen to it again


0 = If you play this song ever again on my account I will turn my back on society, move to the mountains, and dedicate my life to finding DB Cooper


The purpose of this rating system has multiple benefits. It will help drive customer engagement with their songs and playlists. It can help with shuffling. For example: if I skip a couple songs in a row you can program the algorithm to throw in a 4 or 5 rating in there to get me back in the mood.


This will also help with building playlists. Example: Here's a list of 3s for you to review. or "Having a bad's a playlist of 5s to get you going"


This also helps the social aspect that spotify is trying to go. "10 of your friends also think 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' from Mulan is an ABSOLUTE BANGER"


In conclusion, this rating system will help with the busted shuffling, help drive engagement for people who want more control over their playlists, and help any social aspect that spotify wishes to use.