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Songs should show the type of genre it is

Sometimes you discover a certain song that becomes your top 1 favorite and you want more of that specific style, but you don't even have any idea of what genre could it be. It happens me a lot with EDM music, and Rock music, I love so much certain songs but its hard to find a similar one when I don't know what type of genre it is. For example I found "Don't say goodbye" by Alok and the rhythm is the exact style I love to hear in Electronic music but I have not a single clue of what type o genre could it belong to. 

Updated on 2022-04-08

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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There are a LOT of different genres out there, I mean, look at Metal music.  There are 28 different genres of metal music.  Do we use all 28?  Less?  This is kind of complicated.  Personally, it would be nice if we could tag songs with a genre and have playlists auto-created based on those genres.  Even better if we could name the genres ourselves.  So if Spotify created all 28 metal genres, maybe I just want 'Black Metal' and 'Power Metal'.  I could tag those songs, and then the auto-created playlists based on genre would have those songs.


But... we don't have tags...  This is something Spotify desperately needs as opposed to folders.  See this post (and yes, it's mine, but it's appropriate to this post!):  [All Platforms][Playlists] Use tag-based playlists... - The Spotify Community


Waiting for this


Good idea and I am voting for it!


new to spotify. shocking to me how long the discussion of genre has been going on and it's not a standard part of the package. i want to see all my "country" or "christmas" or "rock" or "soundtracks". i don't understand how this isn't a part of the package. 


I really love the idea of a “tag cloud”, just something to help get a rough idea of what to search for to find similar sounds/moods. And then I could go to my saved songs and “filter” by a couple tags to get a pretty narrow list of songs that I know i like in that sound space, and I can hand queue from that list if needed to get more specific.


I think the point of tags is that songs usually ARE more than just one genre, or at least you can make an argument for it to fit in a couple different subgenres. This is the exact reason why the current playlist system is so limiting. You have to decide which ONE genre the song is. Or you could put it on two playlists, but then there’s no way to like “find the songs that overlap these two playlists”. For example, sometimes I want only specifically early uk dubstep, sometimes I might want all dubstep in general, or sometimes I might want to be able to cross reference my UK dubstep playlist with my Jamaican dub playlist. Think of it like trying to find nearby things by expanding or contracting a “radius” filter.


I know this starts to encroach on the skill set of veteran DJs, and I don’t expect spotify to do the work of a skilled DJ for me, but I do think there’s a better middle ground that would help people explore more music 🙂


An example of impeccable tagging software I recently started using is “Eagle digital asset manager.” It’s for visual media, but implements tagging and dynamic collections very well.


Spotify's curated genre playlists are shockingly bad. What makes you think they'd be any good at sorting tracks into genres on a larger scale?


like the info which songs you put in your playlist, the info of the genre should be saved there as well. So you have local access the the genre (this could include year released too) and local access combined with own tagging, would make my spotify database so much better


Adding the ability for the user to label or tag songs as whatever they want including genre would solve the lift and difference of opinion issues. Vote for that idea submitted by another smart user here Live-Ideas/Music-Tag 


I use the radio function for this but this feature won't hurt either


I really hope that they will add this.. Maybe in the 3 dots menu or something like that. Chosic and use Spotify's API. Only Spotify itself doesn't take full advantage of it😂