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Songs should show the type of genre it is

Sometimes you discover a certain song that becomes your top 1 favorite and you want more of that specific style, but you don't even have any idea of what genre could it be. It happens me a lot with EDM music, and Rock music, I love so much certain songs but its hard to find a similar one when I don't know what type of genre it is. For example I found "Don't say goodbye" by Alok and the rhythm is the exact style I love to hear in Electronic music but I have not a single clue of what type o genre could it belong to. 

Updated on 2022-04-08

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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An interesting solution to this problem in the meantime is using this 3rd party website called Exportify!  It connects to your account and can download playlists as Excel Spreadsheets.  These contain amazing amount of information on each of the songs in it.  Along with a detailed description of the genre, it shows the tempo, time signature, key signature, & much more!


Cada canción debería tener una descripción que diga a qué género musical pertenece, para permitirle al oyente descubrir más canciones si encontró una canción que le gustó y quiere mas canciones si artistas similares


Rather than tasking humans at Spotify to listen and categorize songs, wouldn't it be easier to let the listeners suggest a genre?  If enough listeners catalogue a song as rockabilly, then add that as a genre to the song.  Or better yet, let me add genres to the songs on my playlist that only effect those songs on my Spotify.


It is maddening that one song out of the 10 from an artist in my Liked Playlist comes up when I select the genre, (e.g. Latin) and all the songs are obviously in the Latin genre.  It is more maddening that I can't even see what genre Spotify has placed them in.  And even more maddening that there is no way to fix it.



This suggestion is gold, must become viral.


Judging by how bad spotify is at genres, it is only partially a bad idea...


There's 1900 votes on this idea now. Can this be promoted so it can be looked into by the devs?


it's something I've been using Everynoise for


This suggestion!

Spotify could display the song's genre below its title for practicality. I often found myself looking at a title and thinking "cool title, let's listen to it" and it's a completely different genre from what I was listening before, changing the mood of the moment (:

i want to look for a song from the genre

Identifying genre types has become the bane of my existence when it comes to pitching or presenting my tracks to a curator. Very often multiple curators will have the same genre types listed, but the examples they provide are completely different, or not even similar to what my track was "identified" as.  If there was some sort of AI app that could analyze a track and provide genre info, that would be great.
Just my 2 cents worth . . .