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Songs should show the type of genre it is

Sometimes you discover a certain song that becomes your top 1 favorite and you want more of that specific style, but you don't even have any idea of what genre could it be. It happens me a lot with EDM music, and Rock music, I love so much certain songs but its hard to find a similar one when I don't know what type of genre it is. For example I found "Don't say goodbye" by Alok and the rhythm is the exact style I love to hear in Electronic music but I have not a single clue of what type o genre could it belong to. 

Updated on 2022-04-08

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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The genre according to who?


It's well understood that there's no single authority on genre definitions, many different vendors have their own genre taxonomies that vary significantly from each other. It's also very fluid, difficult to classify songs when genres are blended, and changing over time as new genres evolve. Overall it's better than nothing but pretty inadequate.


What might be useful is a kind of tag cloud showing the different labels a particular piece of music might be described with out on the internet, allowing the user to get some insight into how to describe a particular piece of music.


I don't really find this a good idea since more and more nowadays music is surpassing the restricting barriers that we try to impose on it when we categorize it. We are honestly doing a disservice to ourselves and the artists when we constantly try to categorize art like this, especially when influences on the creation of the same songs are not genre- bound. I'm not against general labels, I do think music can be categorized in general, but I also feel like right now we are all going to opposite direction with everyone questioning the relevance of music awards categories. I just see this as going a step backwards.


Spotify already sorts songs by moods in mobile liked songs!!! Why not just include this information on songs themselves, with some toggle on/off feature in settings? Spotify please listen to your users 🙏


common make this happen !


People in the comments that are trying to say that music doesn't have certain genres or that Spotify couldn't categorize them. First, music does have genres; everybody knows this. Second, Spotify already has categorized the genres of every song on the back end.


Clearly, all this genre and mood data about songs is already within Spotify’s database - that’s how we get things like Wrapped and the pie chart. I agree it would be nice to see a cloud of tags for a song (maybe via a toggle in the 3-dot menu) and be able to explore songs associated with each tag.


People always ask me what type of music I enjoy... I'm like uhhhhhh........


This would help... 10/10


I think this is a great idea! Oftentimes I check out songs that I like on or other websites to get an idea about what genres they represent. However, the ability to see the genres that Spotify classifies songs into would be more convenient, and could serve as an additional resource when assigning songs into genre-themed playlists.


Someone in the comments mentioned, which I love and use every now and then, but having to use it just to check a genre of a song gets boring after a while, and I don't see why not to implement a way to do it quicker; in the app. (not to mention, filtering liked songs by genre is still not available in Europe, which i'm still kinda salty about.)


Problem is some songs don´t even have a defined genre.