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Sort podcast playback options from oldest to newest!

Seriously! Who on earth want to listen to podcasts from newest to oldest.?


You find a new podcast you are interested in you add it to your playlists which is cumbersome enough. Now you want to listen to all of them in order of release date.. HELLOOOO I want to listen to them In order of oldest release date not newest! I miss my old Google podcast. At least I could tell it to play oldest first and didn't have to go into each and every podcast and ignore others for that feature!


Simply put give us podcast listeners the option to play oldest to newest in the Your Episodes playlist! You already give us the sort feature of newest to oldest but not oldest to newest? Flip the search function! Then since it only plays top down it will play oldest to newest! Pretty easy to code it. A 5 year old could code the feature in all honesty! 


I absolutely agree. I do have this option on my Spotify iPhone app, but not on my laptop / desktop app. I believe these companies do this just to anger us, either that or they are simply that braindead to not realize that none of their apps across all platforms are not matching up. If they can't get it right then we shouldn't have to pay for their service.


Me. I want to listen to podcasts (where the episodes are independent from each other) newest to oldest. However, funnily enough, the play order for podcast episodes for app iOS players (safari and spotify app) is Oldest to Newest ONLY. The only workaround right now is “make a playlist of the episodes in the order you want them played.” Bruh if I wanted to do that, I’d take my time machine back to 2002 and burn a CD. This is ridiculous.


Its nice to listen podcast but the best is when I can hear a mixture of podcast and listen them from the oldest to the newest show