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Split the 15 audiobook hours between multiple people in a plan, not just the manager

My fiancee is the plan manager, this was done solely so she could keep our shared account and all her listening history/algorithm as I didn’t mind starting fresh when we moved to the family plan. With the new news of the 15 hours of listening a month we were stoked to listen to audiobooks. However, I won’t be able to listen to them as the entire 15 hour allocation goes to her. It’s a bit of a bummer. Personally, I’d love to see this be split evenly 7.5hrs and 7.5hrs. For the price of the family plan, I’d really appreciate 20 hours split between a couple of selected accounts instead of just the manager. I would love at the bare minimum to be able to split the 15 between two accounts.


Why should it have to be split? Every person should get the whole allotment.