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Spotify Charts for Iraq

Dear Spotify Community,




I hope this message finds you well. I'm writing to express my enthusiasm for Spotify and to suggest a feature that I believe would greatly benefit users like myself.




I've been a loyal Spotify user for 3 years and have always appreciated the platform's dedication to providing a top-notch music streaming experience. However, I've noticed that one feature seems to be missing – a comprehensive Spotify chart for Iraq. 




A Iraq Spotify chart would not only add an exciting element to the platform but also serve as a valuable tool for Iraq Spotify users to discover new music and trends. It could include weekly or monthly rankings of the most-streamed songs, albums, and artists, as well as genre-specific charts to cater to diverse musical preferences.


I believe that such a feature would not only enhance the user experience but also foster a stronger sense of community among Iraq Spotify users. It would provide a platform for discussions, recommendations, and celebrations of our favorite music.


I understand that implementing new features requires time and resources, but I sincerely hope that the Spotify team will consider this suggestion. I'm confident that a Iraq Spotify chart would be well-received by the community and contribute to the continued success of the platform.




Thank you for considering my suggestion. I look forward to hearing the thoughts of fellow community members and Spotify moderators on this matter.




Best regards,

Abantika, a Army and Iraq Spotify user


Please we want a charts in Iraq 


🇮🇶Please we want a charts in Iraq 


🇮🇶Please we want a charts in Iraq 


🇮🇶Please we want a charts in Iraq 


We definitely need this feature soon!! Every country with spotify has it. So we want it too. We use spotify on regular basis. So it would be great to have our own country chart.




Thank you so much for your comment! Charts are definitely fun and a great way to discover what is trending in your area and be familiar with the songs of every party (or at least that's the use that I give the charts haha). Your comments are taken into consideration. Hope we get to see Iraq's charts soon. All the best!