Spotify Xbox One app

I'm aware that a large majority of Spotify users won't be gamers but with Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One, do you think it'd be possible to get a Spotify app? Now that it's possible to multi-task and stream while you game the opportunity to gain new monthly subscribers is massive.


It's already possible as seen with Microsofts new service "Xbox Music" which features heavily in the new console. I know I'd definitely use the app if there was one. Anyone else?

Updated: 2016-09-17

Hello everyone. Staff here.

We don't comment on any potential partnerships until they happen. Unlike other ideas, we can't promise kudos will lead to an implemented idea but please feel free to add your comments. 

We'll be sure to update this idea if and when we have more to say. Thanks for the idea!

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I have spotify everywhere else.. Please make an Xbox/Windows 10 UWP app.

The lack of Xbox App is what is stopping me from going premium


This is ModernSaiyan. I have always loved Spotify as long as I've used it. It's has many different features Pandora doesn't. As of now Pandora's Xbox app is trash. It constantly fails to load, I have to restart my xbox, and songs quit halfway through. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want a Spotify subscription or Pandora. Like I said I love Spotify but I feel like I use Pandora more now as I get on my Xbox for music everyday after school. If you could make some deal with Xbox to get a computer quality Spotify app on Xbox that would seal the deal for me and I would use you for life. Please take this into consideration. Thank you. 


change to groove £8.99 a month


This would be the trigger for me to get premium Spotify.  Come on guys get it done, it can't be hard its basically the same OS as a PC.