Spotify for Curators: create a platform for artists to submit music to curators


Any artist, big or small, requires an audience to listen to their music to either get the publicity they want or to stay relevant and one of the best ways to do that on the Spotify platform is by having their music featured on playlists. It is clear by looking at the available playlists out there that normal Spotify users enjoy searching and following playlists of the music type they like.

At the moment, there is no official way of contacting a playlist curator unless they have linked a Facebook profile to their Spotify or they have linked their social media profiles in the playlist bio; other than that, it is very difficult to find out who owns a playlist.


The idea

A new system should be implemented for playlist curators to allow them to receive songs from artists who would like to be featured in their playlist – something similar to “Spotify for Artists” but for curators. In the same sense that artists can submit music to Spotify, they should also be given the option to submit their music to the playlist of their choice, and after the curator listens to the song they can choose to add it to the playlist or not. Curators should also have curator profiles, just like artists have their own artist profiles.



Of course, with a system like this, there should be requirements for wanting to become a part of the curator system – here are some requirements I thought of:

  • A playlist should have a minimum of X followers (this would be to ensure that curated playlists are of high quality)
  • A playlist/curator profile should be at least X months old (this is to prevent botting)
  • A playlist should have a minimum of X monthly listeners (this number can be turned into a ratio of how many followers the playlist has, for example a playlist with 5000 followers should have a minimum of 500-1000 monthly listeners)
  • A playlist cannot have botted followers, followers must be real people
  • If a curator receives a submission, they must respond to it in X amount of time (this is to make sure that artists do not get ignored, 1 week seems like a reasonable amount of time)
  • If a curator receives a submission, they must listen to the song for at least X seconds (this is to ensure that songs do not just get ignored, 90 seconds seems like a reasonable amount of time)
  • If a curator receives a submission, they must leave feedback to the artist on why they enjoyed the song or not
  • Curators should regularly update their playlists

More requirements/prerequisites can be created, these are just some examples.


Why artists would choose a playlist

If an artist wants to have their song added to a playlist, they would want to see the statistics of the playlist to see if it is worth getting added to. The playlist statistics should be available to the artists and curators only; this information does not need to be given to normal Spotify users. Here are examples of statistics that an artist might want to see in a playlist:

  • Amount of followers
  • Amount of monthly listeners
  • Age of playlist
  • Curator activity (how often they update a playlist)
  • Amount of times a song has been streamed in a playlist



Of course, this system would be rewarding curators for the work they put into making a good playlist. Here is a way in which this can be implemented:

  1. An artist has a song they wish to submit to the playlist curator system.
  2. They would purchase a plan from Spotify which would be priced depending on how many playlists they targeted.
  3. The curator would get paid to listen to the song and review it.
  4. The curator would then choose to add the song to the playlist or not, depending on whether they liked the song.
  5. The curator would then leave feedback to the artist.

This is just an example of how this can be implemented, but there are definitely better methods of implementing the reward system.


Spam/bot prevention

If a system like this were to get implemented, there must be methods to ensure that a playlist is not botted. As mentioned in the requirements section, playlists should require a minimum follower amount, minimum monthly listeners amount and no botted followers. These requirements would be perfect for making sure a playlist is real and has real followers. However, you might think that people could setup “follow for follow” forums, to try and get past the minimum followers and no bot restriction, however it would not work as – sure – the playlist may have real followers, but it would not have the minimum amount of monthly listeners because people would just follow others playlists but wouldn’t actually listen to it. The people who would listen to it are those who actually look up the playlist on Spotify and choose to follow it because it fits their music taste. There are more methods for spam prevention, and these are some examples of how.


Applications for becoming a curator

(This is purely an idea, not important for the main topic at hand)

In the same way that not everyone can become an artist (they must have made real music to become one) not everyone can become a curator; they must have met the requirements first. However, there should also be an X amount of people who can become curators. This is to make sure that Spotify does not get spammed with applications and to make sure that curated playlists will always be of high quality. The amount of people could be set out by genre; for example, there can be an X amount of hip-hop playlist curators, an X amount of EDM playlist curators, an X amount of R&B curators etc.

As playlists become more listened to and followed, more positions can open up for curators.


My experience – an example

I am a curator of one big playlist on Spotify. I made this playlist at the start of this year, which through advertising on social media, forums etc. managed to receive a large follower amount. It is a playlist specific to one genre.

At around the 1000 followers mark, small artists started to contact me through social media to request that their songs get added to my playlist. I always left them feedback on why or why not I liked their song. As I started gaining more followers, so did the number of artists contacting me. In the past few months, I have received many requests from artists asking me to add their songs to my playlist. My social media accounts are now flooded with requests and it is hard to keep up with messages from friends and family because of the amount of artists that message me. This is the reason why I have chosen to come up with this suggestion; to give an official platform for these artists.



Overall, this system would be to give incentive to playlist curators to continue perfecting their playlists. It would allow them to increase the follower amount of their playlists and would also give regular listeners a reason to create unique playlists and promote them.

It would also be creating an official method for artists to get their music on to the playlists of their choice – allowing them to become exposed to regular listeners of their genre of music.

Updated on 2020-07-10

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Hey @ExoticHaha,


Thanks for submitting your idea to the Idea Exchange!


We've gone ahead and marked this as a new idea. Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes.


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This is a really brilliant idea that I feel spotify should adopt. I'm a curator myself and I have been needing this.

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Agreed. A system for curators really needs to be put in place.

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Rising Star 18

Very good idea! Curators would definitely benefit from something like this!

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Thank you! I really hope Spotify implements a system like this in the future.

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Not sure if you can bump, but bump

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