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Star and Save coexisting?

I used to star songs as a way to be able to, at a quick glance, see what were my favourite tracks on an album or in a playlist while scrolling through or just browsing around my playlists or artists profile pages. It used to be a fun and easy way to help myself remeber what tracks I liked. It used to be a great aid in remebering and (re)discover great music.

I used to. It used to.

Why can't Star and Save coexist next to each other?

Although the starred playlist is still there, it really doesn't do anything anymore now does it? I've longed for the Your Music feature for so long because I want to be able to save albums and actually have them sorted by artist in an easy and attractive way. But I think it was a big mistake removing the starring feature and thinking Your Music would replace it rather than compliment each other.

Hey folks, we're back to confirm we dont' have plans to make the Star feature co-exist with Your Music. You can now Save tracks directly to Your Music by clicking on the + next to each song. 


You can read more about how to organize Your Library right here. Thanks for continuing to bring your feedback to the Idea Exchange, if we have any updates around Your Music we will let you know here. 

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Status changed to: New Idea


Marked as new idea. This idea requests to see the "+" icon for saving to Your Music and the star icon at the same time, to have an easy way to save your songs to both functions.


you can click and drag any song into any playlists...even starred, although the app doesn't even show the stars on your songs in your local library/library any more :/

Music Lover

Totally agree, starred was an essential tool that I used regularly (particularly on the phone when driving). It is not the same thing as adding to your library (or to a playlist) - I add any reasonably reviewed album to my library, but I star songs that I want to listen to again. It helps me to make sense of the stupid amount of music (which is great by the way!) that I now have access to.


I would be fine with keeping the Starred playlist.  I would be fine with using Saved.  Why do I need both?  Why am I FORCED to have both?  Tonight, I tried moving my starred songs over and deleting the Starred list.  Moving was fine but I had to keep the list?  Can you please commit to one or the other OR explain why I need both?  Thanks!!

Yes, my music is actually better than starred in its execution. There needs to be a way to transfer starred to saved, while keeping all the metadata, including time stamps for added date. I dragged and dropped everything over from starred to my music, but it didnt stick on app relaunch, and now I lost all my timestamps, super frustrating.
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Agree, bring back stars pls...

I used the stars in exact the same way earlier in the old spotify edition..

eg. looking up an artist and then determine which songs to listen to based on the tracks I had previously starred for this artist..

Now I either have to save a playlist for EACH of all the artists I listen to (thats many many many playlists), or scroll around in the very big 'Starred' playlist in order to achieve the same.

Concert Regular  My video about this

Gig Goer

I totally agree.


Garage Band

Honestly, the Collection feature is the second iteration of the Starring feature. The only thing that Starring has and Collection doesn't is that you can't make the songs under Collection available offline.


Yes, I'm a premium member.


Add the option to make Collection songs available offline. ALSO, please provide an easy way to transfer Starred songs over to the Collection. AND let us treat the Collection as a playlist so we can start a radio based on our Collection. In other words, transfer all the features of Starred over to Collection.


THEN, you can do away with Starred altogether.