[Subscription] Add Premium Family in Vietnam

Spotify just launched in Vietnam a couple days ago. Love it. It would be better if the Family Premium package was available as I wouldn't have to install premium on each individual family member's phone.

Updated on 2018-03-16

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!

Marked as new idea 🙂


Voted for Premium Family in Viet Nam


everyone seems to be asking for it, but the BOT responding just says good IDEA 


 Voted for Premium Family in VN


Spotify Family in Vietnammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


 Voted for Premium Family in VN. I love Spotify.


Hello Spotify from Vietnam🇻🇳


It’s been quiet a long and joyful journey of Spotify’s music with Vietnamese since 2018. And since that first moment until 3 years after - now, I and other Vietnamese users have never stopped waiting  and hoping that Spotify will add more awesome Premium deals (Family, Duo, Student, Pay by Phone) in Vietnam, like what Spotify did for other markets.


Vietnamese Users love Spotify, and we hope that Spotify love us back too one day... If Spotify can’t, can let us know what prevented you from doing so in our market? Maybe we can do something to support you too!


I truly appreciate for your attention to our request above, and for bringing us happiness from your fabulous music&podcast streaming service. 


Wishing you Spotify for all the best and blessing in 2021 and years afterward!


A Spotify Lover in Vietnam❤


nice idea