[Subscription] Extend Student Discount for Double Degree

Currently, at least in Spain, the Student Discount is just for 4 years. That's the average length of a Degree. However, some students, like me, are doing a Double Degree. This program is 6 years long. 


So, despite being an university student and meeting the requirements, I would not be able to have the discount for the last two years of my studies, and there is a lot of people with the same or similar issue.


Please, extend the length of the Student Discount as much as the university studies are. It would be really useful to everybody, even though they are not a Double Degree student, because if they begin or change to this kind of programs they could get the discount.


This could even help Spotify be a better reference as a music streaming service for students against other companies with this kind of improvements. Also help the company to mantain Premium users after the Degrees.


Thank you very much for paying attention to this idea, in benefit of all users.



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