[Subscription] 'Family' package for all people living in nursing/dementia homes

Hello Spotify!
I would like to ask if Spotify could please make a ‘ family’ package that is available to all nursing and dementia homes here in the UK  and across the globe?

For the the past six months I have been taking my wireless music headsets in to various old age/ nursing / dementia homes and using the power of Spotify to select the right sort of music for the patients.  The results can be truly remarkable, - patients come back to themselves, they start singing and dancing. It is powerful medicine!

But, in these group sessions I noticed that a patient would light up like a lightbulb when I played music they liked and remembered, but when the music changed, that connection was lost. I realized that what they need is their own personal music list!

If each individual patient could have have their own account, then it would be so easy for family and friends to load up the account with music that they know that person loves. Patients would be able to enjoy their own personal play list in the comfort and privacy of their room - and as loud as they like because they’re wearing headsets!

They could also listen and share their special play list with friends and family in the privacy of their own room, - generating a deep experience that can be shared without the need for any words!

If you would please make Spotify available in these sort of establishments, you would be bringing great joy, relief, and even liberation to many millions of people living in these sort of establishments all over the world!

Please use your power to help them?
Yours Sincerely
Annie Austen- Meek

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This is brilliant I've seen it in action!!!!

Take a look at this but be careful........... it will bring a tear to your eye........... or at least it did with me, and Im a big macho man!


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For old age/dementia patients using the headsets makes ALL the difference. 

Rather than having music playing ‘at’ you the headsets create a deep internal experience ‘in’ you.

Its a very different effect, - but hard to explain until you try it! 



This is such a wonderful idea!

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 Brilliant Idea, I have children with Huntington's Disease and know first hand how Music can change their day to day lives.

It is truly amazing, that such a small thing can have such a profound effect. My children love listening to music as it seems to give them comfort and it lifts them up, although they are unable to communicate with words, you can see it in their eye and their body movements they are having a great time.


They go to sleep listening to music and my daughter always has her headphones on and her iPod playing. My son loves to come down to the shed and watch me work while he has his headphones on basting out Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana etc and has it stoked up when he has his afternoon nap.

They really do enjoy it, for a brief moment in time, they get to forget about the pain, forget about the disease that is killing them and actually REALLY Enjoy the moment.


So yes I agree that it should be made available at a cheaper rate to for anyone with a disability, whether they are in a nursing home or being cared for fulltime at their own home or their parents home.


It really does Make a Difference in their lives.








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A brilliant idea!

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