[Subscription] Google Home for Family Subscriptions outside US

The free google home incentive is currently only available in the US for Family subscriptions of $14.99, i believe this should also be available in Europe / UK as we pay a higher cost for the same service (in UK spotify family works out to $19.40) with none of the benefits such as this.

Updated on 2018-11-10

Marked as a new idea :)

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Would very much like this offer extended to Canada


Maybe it is an idea to switch all to Play Music from Google to make a stronger fist. 

When they lose millions of paying members they will adjust things rapidly


@EricNLD Losing millions? You do know that Google Music is an app that supports pirated music files, right? And Spotify aims to provide non-pirated music for people so that artists will benefit. That suggestion will never be considered. 


Seems to be very short sited marketing ploy on Shopify's behalf!  There are other music streaming options available that will be now explored!!!

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As Family plans aren't available in my country, i would still say it is a decent idea =)


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Sería buena idea ofrecer una suscripción plan amistad premium, de forma que hasta cuatro usuarios puedan compartir una misma cuenta premium. Sería como el plan premium familiar, pero sin tener que residir las cuatro personas en el mismo domicilio.