[Subscription] Hulu ads free + Spotify

I don't know where the real suggestion box is but it would be nice if we could have the option to sign up for spotify student premium + hulu commercial free  instead of hulu limitted commercial for the additional cost it costs to upgrade on hulu to commercial-free.


Thank you!

Updated on 2019-09-05

Hey folks, Spotify staff here.

We wanted to post an update as this idea has reached over 500 votes from our users.

We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience across platforms, but we’re afraid we don’t have any further information to share at the moment.

We typically don't announce integrations with third parties in advance.

The best place to keep an eye on is our blog for news updates about any such partnerships.

Thanks for continuing to share your ideas and give us feedback in our Idea Exchange.


I will pay full price for Hulu ad-free. I am begging to. But according to Hulu customer service today, it isn't possible to upgrade now that I have the student  Spotify w/ free Hulu. I literally was told I need to start a new Hulu account, thus losing my years of Hulu viewing history and starting all over. 


I wouldn't mind paying the difference seeing as I already pay for Hulu with no commercials. It would be awesome to have this be an option


Agreed! I would definitely pay the difference for a no commercial plan! 


I agree, i personally love the new plan but i would be much happier if i could have the difference between the limited and commercial free plan added to my existing bill. The ads are ridicuous and i get the feeling that hulu has the ads to encourage people to upgrade but heres he thing... I totally would if i could. There needs to be a spotify/hulu student plus no commercials for like say $10? I'd pay that to avoid sitting through the same three commercials every 10 minutes.


Alright. So I'm not getting the full usage of my Hulu student deal cause whenever I log in to Hulu it tells me to renew my subscription which I did like a few minutes ago but now it's charging me $8 something when I should be paying like 5 bucks for the deal.. Help? If you could.. please..


I'm on board with this.  I already pay for Hulu no commercials and a Spotify student premium plan.  Getting a discount for the no commercial plan would be amazing.


I'd go for it


I agree and would pay a higher fee than the limited commercials for this! Get it done Spotify!


this needs to be a thing. I would be more than happy to pay the difference between a regular and commercial free hulu. Hulu needs to accept to upgrades for Spotify students.


 Right. Give us the option to pay more and disable ads (no ads at all). Why isn't this already an option?