[Subscription] INDIA: Debit Card Payment Option

Kudos to Spotify finally coming to India after waiting for like eternity!

While UPI/PayTM payment options are good for a prepaid top-up, we need a Debit Card Payment Option for Subcribing to Premium!


FYI Spotify: Most Indians use Debit Cards. And here's some data to prove it.

India has 980 million debit card users to about 41 million credit card users.



I hope we'll be seeing this option soon so that I don't have to go through the trouble of toping-up every month. And BTW even NETFLIX ACCEPTS DEBIT!credit-cards-debit-cards-june-2017-india


Updated on 2019-03-29

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Updated on 2019-03-29

Marked as a new idea :)


Hey I would like that here in Austria too!! This really is an issue.

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Thanks for posting this. (: I too own a debit card, and unable to get the premium. Hope they solve this issue real soon.

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As of October 2019, Spotify has added the option to pay via a debit card.