[Subscription] Military / Forces Discount

Spotify currently offer students a 50% discount, yet no forces discount. Spotify should introduce a forces discount for current serving members of the armed forces. 

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.
We wanted to post an update, since we made some changes to our ideas process.
Typically, we won't announce information about new subscription options, third-party integrations or new countries in advance.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but we don’t have any more information to share at the moment.
The best place to keep an eye out is on the
What’s New section of our blog.


I currently have a Pandora Premium Account because Pandora offers Military discount, I like Pandora but I want to try Spotify unfortunately Spotify doesn’t offer Military, if you guys make it happen I will gladly close my Pandora and open a premium account with you guys. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one switching... 


I have Tidal with a Military discount and wouldn't do it if they didn't offer it. It's just too expensive to keep adding subscriptions to everything these days - it all keeps adding up. Would definitely do Spotify if they offered a Military discount, but they don't - so I will not be subscribing. The U.S. Military are all over the world and don't have access to good music, you're missing a significant market. Shame on you Spotify. 

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Okay bye, no one is going to suddenly change their policies based on one comment among many others just like you in this thread.
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It's funny how the people of USA is so devote to the military. Here the militaries are like just other criminal actor 😑.