[Subscription] Pay yearly for Family & Student

I think it would be a great idea to set up a yearly payment plan for the Family Plan, along with monthly. Some people like to just pay it all up front. I think a lot of us would really appreciate it!

Updated on 2017-12-07

Hey folks, quick update here. While we don't plan to implement this for Family/ Student plans right now, we are running a special Holiday Yearly Discount from Dec 1 - Dec 31, 2017. With this offer, you can get 12 months of Spotify Premium for a discounted price (please note this can't be used with a Family Student plan at the same time). 


Click here for more details:

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I agree - maybe I'm just old-school, but it feels better than seeing an amount disappearing every month.

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Updated: 2016-09-03

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I totally agree with this. Would be so much easier to pay for the whole year, and just forget about it.

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I completely disagree. I hate having to pay a big lump sum once a year. Then people would have to pay countless lump sums for things like Spotify, Netflix Amazon Prime etc etc. If you are really wealthy I see how it wouldn't matter, but small monthly amounts that allows people the freedom to cancel at anytime. Spotify is such a great value for the service it is providing.I know it is coming out every month but because of the amazing monthly price it is not something to worry about and because it comes off my credit card every month I don't have to do anything and if I don't use it much one month I don't feel guilty like  after paying for a yearly pass at a gym but barely ever going. If Spotify was a yearly charge I am positive that I would never have gotten the Premium service.


i think having both options is best rather than one or the other. If it's slightly cheaper to pay for the year, say it works out to 12 months for the cost of 11 i'd rather do that. Then again having the option to cancel anytime on a month to month is also good.

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I think both options would be great.


Upon subscribing I immediately thought of this as well- put me down as a 'for it'.


I agree. why would they do it for regular premium membership but not a family style. Kind of seems silly to me. 



Agreed, make it an option at least! Discount or no, I'd love to be able to just pay a lump-sum for the year. Individual, Family, Student, it should be an option for any kind of account.


Agreed, make it an option at least! Discount or no.