[Subscription] Spotify Subscription for Retirement Homes

Spotify is wonderful!
I'm reading on Wikipedia, that Spotify is a multinational company located in over 60 countries with 70 million paying subscribers. WOW !! And this is a Swedish company! The turnover is many many billion. So have fun that so many people have the opportunity to listen to music. And on the website there is also "Music for all".
Me and my family are subscription customers for many years and I would not want to be without spotify. There is music for all the moods and giving such joy.

But I think that there are actually a group of people who usually enjoy a lot of music and who do not have the option of having a subscription - our old ones living in the homes for the elderly. These old people who have built our welfare in Sweden. These old people who did not at all have the same opportunity to listen to music and attend concerts that we have today. Imagine being able to play music at afternoon coffee around the coffee table at the retirement home! Perhaps Glenn Miller is wanted by someone and when the music is played it is as time takes a step back to the 40's. Memories are brought to life.
The music psychologist Petri Laukka at Stockholm University has studied the connection between music listening and mental health in the elderly. He sees music as an important source of positive emotional experiences. Music is a language that everyone understands. And research shows that the brain has direct effects of music. Interest has increased to use music in the treatment and rehabilitation of various neurological diseases. There are also special programs for music rehabilitation for people afflicted of stroke. It sure is amazing!

As much as we could do for all old people living in our homes in Sweden. If we only had a subscription that would allow a municipality to legally play music from Spotify.
What I wish is to be able to play music at the elderly in my municipality. I would like the elderly care in my municipality to have a subscription that makes it possible to use spotify on several different retirement homes. Spotify Business does not work because it can not be used simultaneously on different devices. Spotify Family does not work either because it does not match the same address.
I would like Spotify and Soundtrack your brand to come up with a solution to make this possible. I've been in contact with Soundtrack your brand about this but without success.
I hope you will take this to the management.

Updated on 2018-11-02

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Updated on 2018-11-02

Marked as a New Idea; thanks for bringing your ideas to the Spotify Community!

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I personally feel this would hard to implement.

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hi there! 

this is really intresting idea + a great post :) 

however, i think this idea would be hard to implement.