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[Subscription] Student Discount in Quebec

Hi everyone,


I woke up this morning to Spotify's Student Discount email, which made me glad.., until I found out that it's not available in Quebec. As the voice of all Quebeckers, I would like to address Spotify's Team to make it available in Quebec too. We're a part of Canada as much as the rest of the provinces.


Thank you,


Fatih Yilmaz

Updated on 2023-08-08

Hey folks,


We apologize for any confusion we have caused. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer the student discount in Quebec at this time.

As soon as this changes we’ll post back here with an update.




Is there any update on student account discounts in Quebec? This feels ALMOST like discrimination. Is it because we speak French? :X


Hey guys,


I didn't comment since the day I posted this, but know that I do read your comments. I still, to this day, haven't got any detailed information from Spotify's side as to why Quebec was excluded from the Student Plan. Though I believe that if we can unite on this subject -Quebecers or not- we can change it for the better.


Thank you,


Fatih Yilmaz


What is the reason behind that, if any otherwise it's discrimination plain and simple?!?


I find it also really dissapointed to be left out like that!


I used to have spotify included in my phone contract which is already expensive enough, but sadly don't anymore.  I can tell you that joining my family's Apple Music package is much more attracting! 120$ saved a year


I don't see why it's 'illegal" to renew an account subscription automaticly, as Amazo, The Economist, Netflix and i'm sure many more both do it.  Check your bills and cancel if you didn't wish to pay it, they'll pay you back or they'll pay much more! Quebec once again sucks lol


@meahtenoha, please continue to work on getting Quebec students included on the discount. It sounds like its just having to deal with the Quebec bureaucracy like with the RAJC. Hopefully you can sort it out like Amazon and Google has. 

Can you explain what the holdup is (more details please) that prevents you from providing the same promotions/discounts to residents of Quebec Canada??

So I'm just a person, not a government official or worker at spotify so I can completely be wrong about this. I do not know the reason for Spotify excluding Quebec. This is my best guess. I can totally be wrong about everything.

Quebec has a bunch of unique laws for consumer protection that requires companies to be more liable for their offers. A lot of companies like the right to cancel or end promotions or contests for no reason and this can be challenged in Quebec. It's a very progressive set of laws but since Quebec is the only province in Canada with those requirements, its easier for companies to just not offer things in Quebec than have specific rules for Quebec. I'm not sure if a student discount/promotion falls under this part of the law though. Another thing could be Spotify's third party company that verifies student accounts has no agreements with Quebec ministry of education. That should be easy to resolve as I've gotten student discounts on many other online services while being a Quebec student. Amazon or Microsoft, I think, do not use a third party service to verify the student discount for Quebecers, they just send an email to your university email to verify it exists, and thus you're a student. Microsoft Imagine may require individual schools enroll but that may be for premium benefits.
The point, it's possible, completely possible for Spotify to offer a student discount. There may just be some extra leg work, forms and deposits to be made to make it happen

Some links:

Hello Spotify...


I just read your answer. And I have to tell you something.  I do not understand you either. Finally... Almost.


I'm Quebecer too.  I'm a student too. And, you know what?  I'm studying in... marketing !


#Surprise !!


Your answer chewed in advance saying "We can not", fallen like a final answer, such as the executioner and his sword on the delicates necks of the six wives of King Henry VIII is nothing but wind for us. Sorry, Buddy. You know what ? We could almost believe that it's Gilbert Rozon whom manages your P.R. !!


It seems hard for Spotify to explain to its Quebec subscribers (university students for the most part... and some of the most brilliant ones...) the REAL REASONS WHY Spotify doesn't want to give the #StudentPack here in Quebec.


Let me say the y truth: You don't give a s**t 'bout the Quebec's students.


Already, our artists make you a little war since months and months (with reasons... sorry.) for their copyright and their royalties.  You already have a lot to manage. We all understand that fact.  A couple of students whom coming from Quebec are crying on the FAQ since a couple of months 'cause they don't have access to the #StudentPack?  And? Spotify has many more problems to resolve before to give a real answer to them.  Really? If I'm wrong, why you don't want to distribute the #StudentPack here, in Quebec?


At least, have the respect to telling us the whole truth, 'Playse'.  Don't keep us in the dark any longer.  Don't deceive us.





Spotify n'aime pas le Quebec parce que nos artistes hurlent pour leurs droits d'auteurs... Et Spotify a pris acte et parti :  Ce serait aux ETUDIANTS de payer pour ca.


Can you make it quick to have the student account in Quebec, please! its been more than 5 months, why does it take so long I mean, it didn't take so long in the U.S.or in the rest of Canada, I am really getting impatient, I am sorry if it might seem like I am rude but you guys are taking too long to do this update of Spotify for the discount, that is completely unfair of you guys and I know a bunch of people in Quebec is sending emails and stuff like that but it makes my point even more clear, a **bleep** ton of people send and you don't give back to us a discount that so many people can actually afford per year, even if it's not much of a difference of the price its still concidered as saving money its incredible how long it takes just to do a discount I mean the original price per year is 120$ but with the discount it would be so much less I mean it would be half price thats 60$ for a student account.