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[Subscription] Student Discount in Quebec

Hi everyone,


I woke up this morning to Spotify's Student Discount email, which made me glad.., until I found out that it's not available in Quebec. As the voice of all Quebeckers, I would like to address Spotify's Team to make it available in Quebec too. We're a part of Canada as much as the rest of the provinces.


Thank you,


Fatih Yilmaz

Updated on 2023-08-08

Hey folks,


We apologize for any confusion we have caused. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer the student discount in Quebec at this time.

As soon as this changes we’ll post back here with an update.


@timothygil87 no it has not change sorry i had to find other ways saddly


byebye spotify ! seriously , us in Quebec not part of Canada ! shame ! shame ! shame ! shame ! SHAME ! SHAME !


I'm sad spotify, really sad. 😞 I was thinking that you had the same feeling that I have for you. And I discover that no. 


Your secret lover from Québec. 


This is ridiculous. I'm a full time student at one of the top universities in Canada living on an extremely tight budget and Spotify won't even allow us to save those $5 per month?

Absolutely atrocious, Spotify used to be literally my favorite app on my phone (all I do is listen to music during my commutes), but this is seriously changing my perspective towards the application.

Shame on you Spotify as well as the QC government (as I believe they have something to do with it as well). 

I just can't believe it's still not offered for Quebec residents. It's such a shame. What kinds of reasons "not in their control" would they be? 


Apple Music here I come!



Quebec hast the best universities in Canada and students must be included in the list! 

there is always exceptions for Quebec which I can't understand.

So disappointing.


Is there more detail than that. Not just a reason? Do we have to petition the government or something due to some stupid language law?


Why exactly?


@ImparatorFatih , why tho? Is this a... racist thing?