[Subscription] Student Price of $5/mo for Graduates still paying off their Loans

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My proposal is that Spotify continues to offer the reduced rate to graduates still paying off their student loans. Currently, the monthly rate increases from $5/mo to $10/mo upon graduation. This could be verified just as easily as the current student verification process.


Transitioning into the real world is a challenging time while we are taking on the responsibilities of paying for insurance, moving into our own apartment, covering transportation and sustaining some sort of a social life. Even with scholarships, our youth are graduating with anywhere from $50,000-$200,000 in student loans with a ludicrous interest rate of 10% which they will be paying nearly 50% of their salary every month for 10 years. 


I am completely in love with Spotify, the playlists they provide for me and their awesome access to new music. I am impressed with all of the progress the company has made, their user interface and customer service. However this is a time in my life where I have to cut back on non-essential expenses. $5/mo for something I love is understandable but double that is difficult to rationalize. I know that there are thousands of people out there just like me that would genuinely appreciate the student rate after graduation. This would also be tremendous publicity for Spotify, if they show that they empathize with this group of hardworking individuals.


So please, let's come together and make this idea a reality. The first step is for 100 votes on this idea and we will take it higher and higher until we accomplish this goal!



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Thank you so much for the votes, let's keep the ball rolling

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Just a side question, why would you get a degree in a field if it takes you ten years to pay it back? Either go into a field where you make more money/less time to pay off, study at a cheaper uni (even abroad) or skip entirely if unneeded.


Not sure why Spotify should cut you a cheaper rate for 10 years, most students are only for 3 (majority) - 5 years, and then you usually spread it/stay on the service for a really long time.


You're probably trying to save on rent, so grouping with other people? You'd be at the same address, so could share a family plan.


I'm always for cheaper, but you choosing to go into debt doesn't seem like a fair thing for all of us who didn't.

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I pay 55% of my income towards my mortgage. Can I have a discount too?


I completely agree with this!


While I understand this four year cap for the traditional student, I would also like to point out that not every student completes their degree in four years. An extension is fair to ask, I'm not sure about the payoff loan situation.

My idea is, if a student can get verified by email then that should not have such a traditional cap when there are so many types of students.