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It would be great if Spotify offered a teacher discount for Spotify Premium.  Increasingly I am using Spotify in my classroom, but it is frustrating to have to constantly monitor it and jolt across the classroom to mute the ads.  I am happy to support the artists I listen to by paying for Spotify Premium, except that with ever more budget constraints, especially to arts programs, it is not feasible to shell out $120/yr from the school's or my own personal budget.  I believe that if a teacher discount was offered, we would also be able to promote the use of Spotify with our own students thereby increasing Spotify's users.

Updated on 2019-10-31

Hey folks.
We wanted to post an update, since we made some changes to our ideas process.
Typically, we won't announce information about new subscription options, third-party integrations or new countries in advance.
We’re always working on improving the Spotify experience, but we don’t have any more information to share at the moment.
The best place to keep an eye out is on the
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I agree, a teacher discount would make using Spotify in my classroom more feasable!


I use spotify daily in my classroom!  It is a wonderful tool for teaching.  I also teach drama/theater and we use it during rehearsal.  Just last week we did a lip sycnh assignment and I used spotify for the music, it was awesome!  I also cant afford the cost and the ads kill the teaching mood.  I would really appreciate extending the student discount to educators. I have been teaching for 22 years and the conversations we have from the music is so moving.

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This is a GREAT idea! I use Spotify alot in my classroom  but always get nervous with the ads.


Is this going anywhere?


I'm an art educator and I rely on Spotify to play current music that I can content control. My school doesn't allow me to use bandwidth to play music, so I'm forced to use my own data. I enjoy the offline playlist option and I use it as a behavioral incentive for classes. They build their own playlists and self monitor classroom behavior to earn the priviledge of selecting appropriate music. It's very difficult for me to justify the $10 a month on top of every other expense I pay out of pocket for my students, and a discounted rate would be fantastic. 


We use it a lot but I am concerned about the ads. Offering an educator discount, similar to the student one, would be fantastic.


Is this even possible?


Free or half price Spotify for teachers , I love playing quiet music while my students work and fun music on Fridays but I can't play it in the class with ads and I definetly can't pay for with a teacher's salary and 4 kiddos....


I am a K-5 music teacher and I use Spotify daily in my classroom. We need a Spotify teacher discount. Spotify even made a huge deal about teacher appreciation week last year, yet they didn't offer any discount. The best way to show your appreciation for teachers is to give us an educator discount.


I work in post-secondary education. Music is a large part of the curriculum. It keeps brains engaged. Music allows for conversations that may not occur otherwise. It creates rapport between educators and students. It's a fantastic tool, both educationally and socially.


There are 85 likes on this, does this mean it will be going up for review anytime soon?