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It looks like a similar idea has been brought up, but they talk about family plans and student discounts and it's in the closed ideas. All I'm asking for is a yearly subscription that is slightly discounted like Spotify did last year. I think it would be such a great benefit and would be very convenient, not only money wise but budgeting wise. It's nice to not have to worry about paying every month. I know a LOT of people who would be very interested in this!


Absolutely agree, last year deal was awesome.

Had to cancel my subscription now :(

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Bring this one back, I got the 12months for the price 10 last year and the subscription is about to end on 23rd of december.

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Please check this related Idea:




^^ The problem with this is that the related idea is closed. That's why I said that a similar idea had been brought up. It's closed though and no one else seems to have brought this idea back up. I'm honestly kind of surprised that they haven't given that option again! Other competitors have yearly subscriptions and I'm really surprised that Spotify doesn't. Bring it back please? :) 


In my country you can buy a 12 month gift code for the price of 10 months via paypal. Maybe check out the paypal website 

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In my country you can buy a 12 month gift code for the price of 10 months via paypal. Maybe check out the paypal website 

Hey, thanks. Actually I can now see it available here in Finland.
But, as I paid already 1 month subscription from Spotify (due to expire on 23rd of january, if I buy the Paypal-deal, will it use the todays date or will is start using the 12 months from 23rd day?

As the paypal-page says, the deal is going to expire on january 16th, I think I will buy this gift code closer to that date and then use it on 23rd day once my account has been reverted to free.

I think I have to wait, because otherwise if I use the code straight away, then the gift would start rolling from this day..


 EDIT: Oh no my bad. It seems that Finnish Paypal-page, when I browse the discounts, when I click the Spotify, it takes me to the UK-page which would be overprice. So this is not yet ok for me unfornately.

So, maybe they just aren't accepting the people living in Finland for this discount-price..anybody know any other places for similar price?



I agree on this, I vote for this.

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That seems like a great idea

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One way to get this is via gift cards, but you pay the full price of every month without any discounts.


Yes - please bring back the yearly susbscription for a discounted price! The offer last year was too good to refuse. Now that I’ve reverted back to the monthly fee, I’m seriously considering whether to cancel my subscription